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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!!  How was your weekend?  Our family had a fun weekend.  All we did was celebrate birthdays and eat!  Saturday night we celebrated Mike's birthday and then last night we celebrated Mike's brother Bryan's birthday with a very fun pool party.   I want to say "Happy Birthday" to my brother-in-law Bryan!!!  My son-in-law Ryan's birthday is this week.  I told you there were lots of family birthdays this month!  More celebrating coming!

Well I have been doing a whole lot of resting during the day so I could go to these parties at night and that has worked out well.  The stomach medicine that the Dr. gave me seems to be kicking in.  While I still don't feel very well I am much better then last week.

This is such a busy week for me medical wise.  Tomorrow  I go to Yuma for my PET scan early in the morning.  That is a very long test and with no food on your stomach it makes it even longer.  Please pray that I will get through the test fine, not to be hungry at all and of course for it to show that my body is free and clean of cancer!  Then early on Thursday morning I have an appointment with my oncologist for the results of the PET scan and then I will have treatment #4 out of 6.  I have a lot on my mind this week but I am feeling those prayers and God is giving me peace.  Oh yes, could you please pray for a healthy vein for my PET scan?  They won't access my port for this test so they have to find a good vein.  Thanks so much everyone.  I feel like I have given you a plate full to pray for.

Thank you Angel Linda for Mike's gift.  He loved it!

Have a fabulous day today!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!

By the way.......while I am in the PET scan machine tomorrow all I do the whole time is pray.  So if you have any prayer requests right now let me know at

What color are your dishes???

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Saturday morning!!  I have to take a moment and thank everyone so much for your prayers for me yesterday.  I was feeling lousy and had had a rough night.  I was telling God that I was so tired, sick and done with all of this. My spirit was feeling down.   But as the day went on I started to feel better and I could really feel my spirits being lifted.  God always sends me the right person to say just the right thing at the perfect time to help.  You would think by this time I would be use to everything and sail through these last treatments......but that isn't happening.   I am so thankful that God is taking such good care of me and He is always there to provide for my needs.  What an awesome God we have.  I am blessed to be reminded of that.

I was able to go to my brother's house last night for dinner and we all had the best time.  My sister-in-law Noni is such a good cook!  Nothing like hanging with your family to lift your spirits!

Thank you so much Cheryl Hargrove for bringing me lunch yesterday and for the gift!  Thanks for making me laugh and telling me that I looked good even when I was still in my pajamas with no make-up on.  You totally took my mind off of being sick for a while.

To my sister-in-law Mary Gilbert......Wow!!!  Thank you so much!!!  We will be calling you later.  What a huge blessing!

Thank you Aunt MaryAnn.  You are so precious to me.

I pray that you all have a great weekend!  Have some fun and relax and enjoy your family.  I won't be blogging again until Monday.  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)

So what's for dinner this weekend??

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!  It's Friday!   I did not sleep very well last night and am not feeling so hot this morning.  I think my body is saying that it has had enough.  I still have 3 treatments left.....wooohooo I am excited about there only being 3 left but not very excited right now by how I feel.  It feels like this is going to be a very LONG 3 weeks.  I could use your prayers for strength and that this stomach medicine that the Dr. gave me yesterday will work.

Also this whole thing has been so financially expensive.  The $$$ that Mike and I have paid out is in the thousands.  Our part on all of my meds and the office visits is high too.  Yes our insurance does help out a lot but we have to pay out a lot too.  I have always prayed, had faith  and knew that the Lord would provide and he has.  Well I have another very expensive test again next week where we will again shell out another $1500.00.  Please pray that the Lord will continue to provide for us and take care of it.

Well enough of that.....what are you all doing this weekend??  It is suppose to be a birthday celebration weekend for us.  Tonight my side of the family is all getting together at my brother Donald's house for a big mexican feast.  Tomorrow night we are celebrating Mike's birthday and Sunday we are celebrating Mike's brother Bryan's birthday.  I hope I can make it to these things.  I will have to wait and see.  I know I won't be eating too much unless it is bland.  I will rest all day today and see how I feel for tonight.

I want to wish Spencer Ellis a very "Happy Birthday today!!"

Have a fantabulous day everyone!!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!

What is the one snack you eat regularly????



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UPDATE:  Home again, home again.....jiggety jig.  I am home now and all went well.  Thanks Peggy for taking me.  I really appreciated it!  The Drs. office gave me some medicine to see if it will help my stomach.  They said it is the oral chemo that is causing all the problems.  I sure hope and pray it works soon.  I am still not feeling too good.  Food really hurts my stomach when I try to eat.  I am off to rest now.  Chat with you all tomorrow!  God is Good!  Thanks for praying!


Good morning!!  Mike had a wonderful birthday yesterday!  But he still is having another birthday celebration on Saturday.  Fun!

I am getting ready to leave soon for my next chemo appointment in San Diego.  This is the very first time that Mike won't be able to go.  (work stuff)  So my friend Peggy Severe volunteered to take me up today.  Please pray for Mike because he is having a hard time not being with me and please pray for me because I haven't been feeling too good the last few days.  I think my stomach is starting to get torn up with all the chemo.  I will ask the Dr. about it when I go up today.

I will come back on later today and let you know how it all went.  Have a super day!

Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!!


Posted By Mike&Leslie

           HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!!!

I want to wish the best hubby in the world a very Happy Birthday today!!!  You are not only dearly loved by your family but also by your many friends.  Will you all join me in wishing Mike a very "Happy Birthday" today!!  Thanks!!

Tomorrow is chemo #3 out of 6.  My appointment is st 10:00.  Please pray that everything goes real smooth again.  Thank you so much!

Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!!

Mike's favorite type of cake?  Chocolate.  Yours?????



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