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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Morning!  Just wanted to get on real quick and say a reminder to everyone to send a note or card to someone today who needs a "pick me up" or encouragement or a get well etc...I cannot begin to tell you how important that is to the one receiving it and it only takes a minute to do.  Thanks!  It will be appreciated!

Gaynell....keeping everyone in my prayers.

God is so Good!!!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!  Just a real quick update.  The cancer center here is still waiting on things from my oncologist up in San Diego.  They had wanted to start treatment yesterday but now looks like it will start next week.......which is also the same time I start back to work at school with the kids.  So next week should be interesting.  I will do my shots after I get off of work from school.  Please pray that all goes well.  When I hear more from the cancer center here I will give you another update.  THANKS for your continued prayers!!!!!!

God is Good!!!!!!!!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

The local Cancer Resource Center of the Desert has been great to us over the past 8 months and now here's a chance for us to help them. is an on-line mall with hundreds of well known shops you already buy from.  When you buy through GoodShop, the retailer pays a percentage of your sale to your favorite charity (like Cancer Resource Center of the Desert)


It doesn't cost you anything

You don't need a special account

Includes shops like Amazon, e-Bay, 1-800-Flowers, Expedia, Travelocity


To use this service, go to, type in CRCD as your charity, click on the link to the store you want, and shop from that store just like you normally would.  Add GoodShop to your Favorites so you can shop through them when you're ready to buy.  (Of course, you could also pick a charity besides CRCD if you really wanted to, but they could use the help)



Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!  I have some news to share with you.  The neuropathy (numbness, tingling and pain in the hands and feet)  has finally set in and it has really hit my body.  I talked to my oncologist yesterday and he said that it is normal for it to hit between 6-8 weeks after the chemo has stopped.  Well it has been 8 weeks since I stopped my chemo and I noticed it starting a few weeks ago and now it is worse.  They have to aggressively start treatment for it which I will do at the cancer center here.  What it entails is going 5 days in a row for a shot then I am off for two weeks then I repeat the process all over again.  I am not sure yet for how long I will be doing this but he said that I will have it for 6-8 months with a slight possibility of it being permanent.  The side effects are I have to get back on my anti-nausea drugs again and bad irritation at the sight of the shot.

To say that I was shocked by all of this is an understatement.  Yes....I knew it was a side effect possibility, but had no idea that it would last this long, could get worse and that I would have to do this aggressive treatment.  Was I mad and upset after I talked to the Dr?  You bet I was.  I am good now.  It will be okay and God will see me through all of this.  I am just so thrilled to be cancer if I have to go through this because of that....then I can!  I'd rather go through this and still be alive then not.

Yes....I can still go to work.  But I need prayers.  Will you please pray that I can get through this treatment fine, that the anti-nausea drugs do their job and that the side effects that go with this treatment will not be bad.  I have faith that I will be healed of this too.   I don't know any more details yet of when I start etc...  My Dr. has to get it all set up here and they have to get insurance approval first.  I will keep you posted. 

Candace.....I will be praying everyday for your friends.  Jessica S. - Praise that your aunt had a great check-up and is still cancer free!  God is so Good!!!!  Thanks for all of the recipes that I got yesterday.  I received quite a few.  Keep them coming.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  God is Good!!!!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!  If you have not been watching the Olympics.....then you are missing out on some serious fun and history being made.  The swimming has been awesome to watch!  All I can say is GO Michael Phelps!!!!!

Thanks for praying for my friend.  That person is doing so much better now.  It is amazing what God is doing in their life. 

Now to get way off of the subject.....I am looking for some easy crockpot recipes.  I want to try something different from what I always do.  Anyone got a good one for me?  If you do please share it with us.  I love to cook but somedays when I am working the crockpot works out so much better.

Have a wonderful day!  This is also a reminder to send out a card today to someone who needs some encouragement or a get well wish etc....  Thanks!  God is Good!!!!



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