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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good evening everyone!  I went to my second acupuncture appointment this afternoon.  It went fine.  He stuck a few more needles in me then last time.  Honestly they really don't hurt.....but the new ones that he stuck in the very bottom of my feet did hurt some.  As of yet I don't feel any improvement or relief but have hope that tomorrow I will.  (Amy Bo. - I am still holding onto Hope).  Again thanks so much for your continuous prayers for healing.  I have such faith that God will heal me of this too.  Other then that I am feeling fine and my energy level is great!  I don't have another PET scan until the end of October.  Will get the results of that sometime in the beginning of November.

Congratulations to my nephew Scott who proposed to his girlfriend Audrey yesterday and she said "YES!"  Will have a wedding to attend in Prescott, Arizona sometime in May. 

Candace Nelson.......How are your two friends doing?  Have been praying for both of them faithfully.

Have a fun filled Friday!  Waggoner Staff.....the donuts are coming tomorrow!  God is Good!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Don't you all agree that God is Good!!!!!

Have a great day!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!

I didn't have time yesterday to talk about my San Diego Chargers.  What a heart break it has been these last two games!  I hope it is all uphill from here on out but with Merriman out and Tomlinson and Gates semi-injured.......who knows? The Chargers fans will stand strong!!  Good game last night Dallas fans.  I am sure the Davila Family and my nephew Scott were celebrating last night!

Aunt MaryAnn.......Jenna and Ryan's house is beautiful.  It is a 5 bedroom 3 bath, two story house.  I told them that now they need to fill it up with grandbabies for me!  It is also in the town of Imperial so they are close to Mike and I.

Angel Linda.....a card is coming your way!

Have an awesome day!  God is Good!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Monday Morning!  Did you all have a nice weekend?  I did but it was super busy!   I helped Jenna and Ryan get moved and settled into their new house.  They still aren't finished yet but should be soon.  I had forgotten how much work is involved in moving!  I definitely got some great exercise in.  LOTS of going up and down their stairs!  I am so proud of both of them and for how hard they have worked.  They have a beautiful home and it is already filled with tons of family love.

I have a prayer request for a friend.  She is going through a really tough time right now......really tough..... and her world has been turned upside down.  She has 3 very young kids.  She needs prayer to get through this time and she needs hope.  If you could throw a prayer up for her that would be great!

Brenda Grose.....How is your dad?  I hear from so many people that they love to read your updates on him.

Have a super day!  God is Good!!!!


Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Morning!  My visit with the acupuncturist went really well.  In fact when I got there I already knew him because his daughter started kindergarten this year at the elementary school that I work at.  It was a very relaxing and calming place.  There were about 20 needles that he stuck in me but it did not hurt at all.  I can't say that I feel any better yet.  I'm sure that I will start seeing improvement after a few treatments.  I go again next Thursday.  Thanks for praying for me.  I feel so good about this working!

Yeah!!!!!!  It is Friday!  I am going to help my daughter get settled into her new house this weekend.  I hope you all have a great and fun and relaxing weekend. 

(Angel Linda......I am praying for Linda!)  God is Good!!





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