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Good Monday morning!!  How was your weekend?  Mine was great but went by so fast.  Now that I am back to work I really appreciate both work and home now.  I really appreciate the weekends too.  Yesterday my sister Monica had a bridal shower.  This is her holding the wedding rehearsal bouquet made from the ribbons from the gifts she received.


Monica Shower 01

Here are the sisters.

Monica Shower 02

These two other beautiful ladies hosted the shower.  On the left is Laurie King.  The right, Debbie King.  (They are sister-in-laws)

Monica Shower 03

This is the group of all the gorgeous ladies that attended.

Monica Shower 04
Oh we had so much fun and laughed like crazy.  Monica received some really beautiful things.  Everyone was very generous.  Thank you Debbie for opening up your home.  We all had the best time!  Monica will be getting married in less then 3 weeks!

My sweet friends from Indiana Mary Jo Ramsay and Kori Wainscott and her two little girls came for a visit on Saturday.  It was so great seeing you all again!  I have missed you so much! 

Thank you Denise Rogers and Jeanette for the beautiful gift!  That was so sweet of you.  Tell Jeanette's mom that I love it!

Angel Linda.......thank you for the pictures of Sami.  She is so cute!  Give her a hug from me.

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My San Diego Chargers won!!!!!  (Sorry Christie Ellis)  We host the Oakland Raiders this Sunday.

Nothing new with Jenna.  Tyler still hasn't turned yet.  I think she and the Dr. will be discussing today what the plan is going to be.  I think Jenna wants to give it until at least Friday.  I will let you know and keep you posted.  Thanks for keeping them in your prayers.

Have a marvelous Monday!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!  Thank you God for providing for our needs and for answered prayer.

What is the name of the last state you visited?  I have to say Arizona because I run over to Yuma frequently.

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning! is a lazy Saturday morning planned for me.  I am still in my pajamas and plan on staying in them for a little while.  I know it won't last long and I will be doing a million things at home today, but at least I don't have any plans to go anywhere today.  I might be able to even get a little scrapbooking done today.

I want to congratulate our Uncle Larry Gilbert for being named "Farmer of the Year!!!!"  We are so proud of you and very happy for you!  In case you didn't see the article on him, it was on the front page of the Imperial Valley Press yesterday.

I want to wish a very sweet and beautiful lady Ann Horne a very "Happy Birthday" today!!  Also another sweet and beautiful lady Cheryl Lyon a "Happy Birthday" tomorrow!!  Have a wonderful birthday ladies!

I am off to San Diego tomorrow to attend a bridal shower for my sister.  I have the games all ready planned.  I know it is going to be a fun shower.  Of course I will take pictures and share them with you all next week. I am so excited for Monica!   I just pray that Jenna doesn't go into labor while I am gone.  It will be a record breaking trip back home if she does.  (Just kidding......I will go the speed limit. ; - ) wink wink.)

I am making chicken enchiladas, beans and rice for dinner tonight.  What are you making?

Have a great day!!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!  Thank you God for laughter and everyday miracles!

Have you bought your pumpkins to carve yet??  How about your candy for the trick or treaters?

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Good morning!!  It's Friday!!  Yay!! 

The field trip with Kinder yesterday was fun.  The kids are so cute.  Weather was good.  Other kinder staff.....always fun to be with!

I received my 15 years of service award last night at the board meeting too.  Thank you Imperial School Board, Madeline Willis, Bryan Thomason and Roger Ruvalcaba.  I have had the pleasure of working with the best bosses in the world!

Jenna and Tyler are doing great.  In case you didn't read my update yesterday, the stress test went good.  Jenna has an appointment again on Monday.  We will see what the plan will be then.  We are still praying that Tyler will turn.  I feel like I will be holding a baby sometime next week.  Can you believe it???  So excited!!

I would like to wish my friend Tammy Driscoll a very "Happy Birthday" today!  Have a super fun day Tammy!!

I received lots of prayer requests yesterday.  I will be praying!

Have a fantabulous Friday!  Looking forward to a great weekend.  My sister Monica is having a bridal shower on Sunday in San Diego.  I am in charge of games.  YIKES!!  I need to get on that!  lol

Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!

Oh Halloween character this year will be Alice in Wonderland.  What are your kids going to dress up as for Halloween this year?  Favorite candy?

Posted By Mike&Leslie

UPDATE:  No baby yet.  Jenna and Tyler are doing great.  No problems with the stress test.  Jenna is scheduled to go back on Monday to be checked again.  Will keep you updated.  Thanks for praying!


Good morning!  How has everyone's week gone so far?  Mine has been very busy.  Yesterday I had a Dr.s appointment after school and then I had a little dinner I went to.  (Dr. no fun.......dinner, real fun!)  Today the kindergarten class is going on a field trip to the police station and  to the park for playtime and lunch.  The weather has been nice lately.  Hopefully won't be too hot  this morning.

Jenna will know more this morning on what is going on with Tyler.  She is scheduled for a stress test.  Will let you know what is up when I find out. Ryan and Mike will be with her.   I will try to update this afternoon. Please keep praying that Tyler will turn.   And cell phone is glued to my side and I am taking my own car on the field trip.

Could you all keep my sister Monica in your prayers?  She is starting to get sick and has a big bridal shower on Sunday and wedding stuff to keep her busy.  We are just praying it isn't the flu.  Also if anyone has any prayer requests please let me know.  Just because life is getting busier for me doesn't mean that I am too busy to pray.  I am not too busy for God.  E-mail me at  Or if you want......put it in the comments and all of the prayer warriors here will pray also.  I really would like to keep this blog a place where you can come to and ask for prayer. 

Tonight I am going to the Imperial Unified School Districts board meeting. (Depending on what is going on with Tyler).  They are honoring me with 15 years of service.  I can't believe it has been that long already!  Looking forward to being able to do 15 more!!!  I could not of been more blessed with a better job!

I am running behind this morning so I better go.  Have an awesome day!!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!  Thank you God for healing me, miracles and laughter!!!

Can you guess what I am dressing up as for Halloween this year?? is a Disney movie character.  No fair guessing if I already told you.  :)



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Good Wednesday morning!!  I have a few random pictures that I wanted to share this morning.  This is Jenna Monday night during the Charger game.  Even at 9 months pregnent she still gets that jersey on and roots for our team!  Ahhhh.....she is another true Charger football fan!

Charger Jenna

This is me, Randi Stilwell and Jessica Silva.  We all work together.  Randi is a HUGE Denver Broncos fan.  Of course Jess and I are Charger fans.  This was us at school the next morning after the game.  We had to hear all the smack from Randi.  Wait until next time Stilwell!!


Last night I went out to Carrinos with my friends Margie, Cheryl and Olga to celebrate birthdays.  Had a great time!  Food was awesome.

Thank you Terrie Olstowski for surprising me with a visit to Waggoner yesterday!  It was so great to see you!  Made my day!

Please keep my daughter Jenna in your prayers.  Tyler has not turned and they may have to schedule a c-section anyways. He seems to be in a position that the Dr. thinks he will not turn from.   If she goes into labor now it will have to be an emergency c-section.  I think we might being seeing a baby soon.  Will know more about it tomorrow and I will keep you posted. 

Have an awesome day everyone!!!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!  Thank you God for healing and miracles!!!



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