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Good morning!  Hope you all were out enjoying the beautiful weekend!  After a lot of things that have transpired over the last week Mike and I have made the decision that the rest of my care will be done in San Diego.  During this break we have learned a lot of things that I shouldn't say on this blog that easily made our decision to finish in San Diego.  During this time off my awesome nurse George who had worked at that center for years has left too (that should answer a lot of your questions as to why I am going too).  George has another wonderful job and he will be the best nurse for that job!  I am not leaving just because George it is ONE of the reasons WHY he left that is one of my reasons for leaving too. will be much easier for my oncologist if he could physically see me once a week anyways.  I know I will have top notch care up there.  That is really all I can say for now.  I hope that I made sense.

Tomorrow I will go to the hospital for more blood work.  We are still praying like crazy that my levels are up and that I can start chemo this week.  I will keep you posted.  In the meantime I have been working out and trying to build up some strength again before I have to be down again.  I feel good!  Thanks everyone for praying so much for me!

Thanks Marga for the wonderful visit yesterday.  It was great seeing you again!

Thanks Jenna for entertaining your momma all afternoon yesterday.  That was fun!

A big thank you to Georgia Payne for grooming Lola for us again.  She looks great!  You did a wonderful job on her.  We really appreciate the time you took to make her so pretty.  You have such a generous heart!

Hope everyone has a super day!!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!

P.S.  What's for dinner????  Seriously.....what are you making???????

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Patti Martin said...
Saying {{{{{{prayers & sending hugs}}}}}} for your levels to be up so you can continue with your chemo. Was a beautiful day here except for the wind. I managed to stay in most of the day due to allergy attacks when its too windy. For dinner tonight I made cube steak with potatoes. My DD made some delious white gravey and some spinach. Tomorrow, we will use the leftover gravey for breakfast at dinner time. Eggs, potatoes, bacon, bisquits and pancakes for the grandson's. Hope you and your family have a great day. Hugs, PattiM (Pattie's passion) I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!
April 27, 2009 11:33:41
Terrie O. said...
Howdy and YEP, I am back. I just know some of you too well. I know Y'all want to know if there was a dirty plate and crumbs on table?????? Right????? Well, I arrived home at 8:00ish and the table was spotless and minimal mess in the kitchen. I could tell he had eaten some fruit and drank some orange juice. I entered in through the front of the house and he entered from the back of the house and he said,"Oh thought you would come home; where's dinner?" Soooooooooooo, I am thankful I got to create and clean up my own mess-I AM SOOOOOO THANKFUL! O.K. who's laughing????? Night night, Leslie's blog! Y'all are awesome in my book. I love you Leslie and I BELIEVE! Smiling, Terrie O.
April 27, 2009 09:11:38
Evelyn said...
Dear Leslie, So sorry to hear of your difficulties with the hospital and that your favorite nurse left. I really hope the rest of your chemo time will go better, and we're praying that your blood will get really, really healthy again so you can do the chemo. Fly the red and white. Up with red, up with white. Fight, fight, fight! GO TIGER! ...Well, I made a casserole out of the leftover chicken from yesterday. I didn't use a recipe-just made a cream sauce and put mushrooms in it. Cut up the leftover baked potato and combined it with the leftover green beans and added a leftover green salad. That was our supper. Didn't get any complaints, so I guess it was okay...Today was different. Del & I attended a service at a little country church about 60 miles from here; and in the spring, Alabama is gorgeous. We had a beautiful drive there and back. On the way back we stopped and I picked some wildflowers, which are in a glass on my table. I'm going to try to find out what they are, because I might want to plant some in my yard-since they grow so well here. Well, we're still praying in AL. Love, Ev
April 27, 2009 07:38:10
"Angel" Linda said...
UPDATE: All of Sami's tests were perfectly problems whatsoever. They are saying it's juvenile C.F.S. - she just needs to take it easy, eat well and rest when the fatigue gets to her. So we're happy with that news. Got the car back - super happy for that. The mechanic is a fellow from church. He also helps out with the car care clinic when he can. He did all the work and only charged me for the cost of the labor costs! Saved me a small fortune ;) For dinner tonight, we settled for a fresh-made 14" old fashioned sub from Wegman' was the Wegman's assorted with ham, turkey, roast beef, provalone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickles. We added our own FF red wine vinegarette dressing. It was very yummy. Have a great night. Be checking in with you tomorrow. Love You! "Angel" Linda
April 27, 2009 06:00:30
Terrie O. said...
Howdy and Happy Monday! Wow! It seems like I have been in Texas. No, not yet-we fly out Friday. We have just been busy with our outdoor projects from sun-up to waaaaaaaay past sun-down! HA! It just amazes me how God reveals to us His time and His plan; I am so thankful that you and Mike are listening and growing in patience. [Smile!] Our Lord is still developing me in those areas. HA! Dinner? Seeing as how I will be in Brawley at a Parent Literacy night, I will be dining on Las Salsa catering. Henryk will have leftovers (Chicken strips, mashed potatoes and green beans) if he will open the refrigerator, fix his plate and heat it in the microwave. I will know when I get home and the dirty plate, etc is still on the dining table along with the crumbs. O.K. Lord, I AM THANKFUL FOR MY HUSBAND! [SMILE!] I love you Leslie and I BELIEVE! Smiling, Terrie O. P.S. Jenna, I am lifting you and the Middleton in utero in prayer; especially when I speak to Emily and she and the girls are battling 'pink eye'. Again, I am thankful it is just pink eye!
April 27, 2009 04:22:19
Krissy said...
Hello Leslie, Glad you are feeling better with more energy these days. You will be nice and strong when you do start chemo again. I think going to San Dieog is a wise decision. Over the hill just seems to be more up to date and their beside manners are so much better! We are having chicken baked in the Contact Roaster. It cooks the chicken while eliminating the grease. I cook a whole chicken to satisfy everyone's tastes. I'll make some roasted potatoes with bacon and cheese and steam some veggies with a chinese salad on the side. It's one of my kids' favorite dinners. Keep healthy and we will pray hard tonight for those levels to rise! Love ya! Krissy
April 27, 2009 02:51:48
Mick&Peg said...
I'm with Amy Bo: Rise, levels, rise:) Happy about your decision ... very happy!! Dinner, hmmm, probably some pineapple chicken from Cardenas grilled by el chef himself, Mickey D.
April 27, 2009 02:14:27
Randi said...
So, can I just say how glad I am that you are finishing your treatment in SD? I think that the quality of the care there if FAR superior to what you have found here. I hope that George is happy and successful in his new path,as well. I just know that this is the right choice for you. For dinner tonight, we are having leftovers - whatever is in there. We have leftover chicken wings, meatballs, salami rolls, rice, beans, meatloaf, artichoke dip. So, whatever the boys want to heat up and eat is what's going to be on their plates. :) I'm going to probably go with the chicken wings. I;ll have to agree with Amy that tri tip sounds delish!!! Love ya!
April 27, 2009 10:33:20
"Angel" Linda said...
Hi Leslie. I'm glad you and Mike made the decision to finish your treatments up in San Diego. I think that will work out the best for you all the way around. I was sorry to hear that George left, but I do remember our talk the other day, and I understand. I sure wish George all the best in his future endeavours...I'm sure he will be the best nurse in his new position. We're still praying here for good results and levels that have improved enough to start treatment again. We haven't decided on what to have for dinner yet. It's beautiful here again today. Waiting for the call that the car is all done and I need to call Sami's pediatrician for her test results this afternoon. You have a great day and I'll be in touch again soon. Love You Bunches! "Angel" Linda
April 27, 2009 09:59:26
Amy Bo. said...
Rise levels, rise! Good luck! Dinner tonight...hmmm...I have a tri-tip that I would like to put on the grill and roasted potatoes with a salad, that would be great. But, considering Ryan has a game tonight, it may be little league hot dogs. I may splurge a little and get some nacho cheese on those hot dogs!!! I'd rather have tri-tip, just finding the time to grill it is the problem!!!! Keep hope in your pocket and keep smiling! ~Amy Bo.
April 27, 2009 09:36:28
Monica the sister said...
Probably an articoke and cereal. There are some benefits to being single!
April 27, 2009 07:56:27
Peggy said...
Good morning Leslie. Dinner tonight is going to be roast in the crock pot, when I get home I will add potatoes, carrots, squash and celery and that will be dinner. What are you fixing? I'm still thinking about your chili. Thanks for the nice long talk the other night, it really helped me a lot. I love ya bunches.
April 27, 2009 07:43:05
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