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I took Leslie to the emergency room last night around 11:00 with severe stomach pains.  They ran a bunch of tests and ruled anything major out.  It could be the chemo.  Her oncologist will get all the reports this morning and hopefully he can shed some light on why this happened.  It's the second time and this time the pain was even worse.  She is home and resting comfortably but is exhausted.  She will be on later today to blog.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Thanks.  Mike

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Terrie O. said...
Hang in there! This prayer warrior is praying that it wasn't the green chili chicken enchiladas; I couldn't stand it! Actually, I prayed for you this morning pertaining the asthma YUK; I was suffering a little due to our bicycle ride last night. Les, I so enjoyed our 'hoe-down' in your driveway. You, my sister in Christ, rest and find that excitement from yesterday and hang on. I love you and I STILL BELIEVE! Smiling, Terrie O.
July 31, 2009 08:26:04
Mick&Peg said...
Praying, dear friends.
July 31, 2009 08:02:55
"Angel" Linda said...
WOW! What a surprising post to read this morning...will be awaiting more updates. Take care, sister/friend...Love You Bunches...and I'm praying. "Angel" Linda
July 31, 2009 07:51:43
Christie said...
I hope you feel better this morning! Take Care!!!
July 31, 2009 05:18:26
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