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Just wanted to thank all of you for your support and let you know that Leslie cherishes your comments ("Jesus" even got in on the action, I wonder who His internet service provider is?)

I will keep you updated on Thursdays surgery progress as I get internet access

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Margie Wiggins said...
Hey Leslie, I missed the get-together with the "Shoe Girls" because of my virus. I am feeling better finally and hope to see you soon. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers so much of the time. May God Bless you and keep you in His safe and loving arms. See you soon, Margie :-)
February 19, 2008 02:07:42
Jessica said...
I've been praying for you and the entire family. May God sustain you through this time in your life. We Love you bunches and are praying for a full & quick recovery. :) Jessica & Davin
January 31, 2008 11:23:44
Jane & Estill said...
We're praying for Leslie's recovery and continued strength for all of you. The power of prayer and the support of your family and friends will get you through this. Please let us know if you need anything or if we can help in any way. Keeping the faith.
January 31, 2008 10:45:40
Brooke said...
Leslie, I want to pray right now, and though you won't see this til later, I want you to know you were lifted up in prayer. Dear Gracious and Heavenly Father I lift up to You right now Leslie Lord. Touch her, give her peace, and draw her close to You. Guide the hands of the surgeons, and all involved during the surgery. Lord, I know you are able to do exceedingly and abundantly more than we can even imagine, and I praise you Lord for the way you will work in Leslie's life and thru this surgery. Lord it is so easy to selfishly to ask you to do what I want, but Lord I pray Your will be done in Leslie's life. Touch her, heal her. I know you can Lord. I know you hear the prayers of your people Lord, Heed our prayers. Touch Leslie's family also Lord, this is such a scary time. Give them all the peace that only you can bring. Wrap your loving arms around the Gilbert family Lord. Let them feel your presence. Thank you Lord for your love I ask all these things in your name. Amen
January 31, 2008 09:41:20
Erica Hettwer said...
Just wanted to stop by and say that I'm thinking of you during your surgery today. Good luck and God Bless! Love, Erica ~melegs :D
January 31, 2008 09:40:37
Linda/linda in socal(ckmb) said...
Leslie, I am praying for you today and everyday. This is your first step to beating this. My love to you and your family.
January 31, 2008 09:33:57
Tya/ckmb=jandbs_mom said...
Leslie, You are in my thoughts and prayers. May this first step of your journey lead you on the path God has intended for you. {{{HUGS}} to you and your family sweetie.
January 31, 2008 09:24:19
Karen Henderson said...
My prayers are with you, Leslie and for your family. Luv and Hugs, Karen aka prazdance on the CKMB
January 31, 2008 08:25:48
Vickie/AFScrapperMom said...
Leslie and Mike you are in our thoughts and prayers! Keep up the great postive thoughts
January 31, 2008 08:06:54
John and Lori said...
January 31, 2008 07:30:00
Monica Soucier said...
Leslie, PEACE BE WITH THIS HOUSE!. You have not ever left my thoughts or prayers! Todays devotional talked about a peaceful household. Luke 10: 5-6 "Before you go into a house say, 'Peace be with this house.' If a peaceful man lives there, your blessing of peace will stay with him." Luke 10: 17-20 says... When the 72 men came back from their trip, they were very happy. They said, "Lord, even the demons obeyed us when we used your name!" Jesus said to the men, "I saw Satan falling like lightning from the sky. Listen! I gave you power to walk on snakes and scorpions. I gave you more power than the Enemy has. Nothing will hurt you. You should be happy, but not because the spirits obey you. You should be happy because your names are written in heaven." Love you Leslie!
January 31, 2008 07:19:43
Kori said...
Praying for you Leslie!!! I love you! Kori
January 30, 2008 09:35:26
janet cowne said...
Leslie, you have been on my mind literally all day. I thought of you and prayed for you this am getting ready for work, asked Imperial Breakfasts Rotary to get word out about the pancake breakfast Feb 10, they spoke of getting involved with the PTO somehow,Mrs. Thomson opened their meeting with prayer for you (Iwas there with two of my Interact students) between classes, noonhatted with the Middleton girls, later the aides,at home, at prayer meeting tonight at ICC, and now, and now, and through the night!. May Jesus lift you spirit and hold you closely. May those docs do it all right. may the Lord allow a great healing,may your family know they are loved in their moment of great concern for wife and mom. We love you dear friend. May that smile and indominable positive outlook boost your spirits through the surgery, meds, and beyond, all in God's miraculous grace. love, janet.
January 30, 2008 09:35:13
Kimberly & Joshua said...
My family and I have you in our thoughts and prayers always......but we will be sending extra prayers, hugs and good thoughts your way tomarow!! I have passed on your website to a few people that have asked....the power of prayer is wonderful and amazing.......we will have lots of prayers going for you tomarow all over the place. Stay strong! Kimberly, Alan, Joshua and Emily
January 30, 2008 08:32:05
Kimberly said...
Leslie, Good luck tomorrow. You have a tremendous amount of believers praying for you. My hope is that tomorrow will be met with ease and that God’s presence will help you find peace and comfort. Keep in mind Psalm 31:24: “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.” With love, Kim
January 30, 2008 08:25:34
Susy Davila said...
Leslie, I sure hope you know how much you are loved! I bet it is overwhelming, huh? Just know that tomorrow there will be a ton of prayers for you, you will be surrounded in love, and you will feel stronger than you ever thought possible.
January 30, 2008 08:03:54
Edith said...
We'll be praying for all of you especially tomorrow. Here's a poem the Lord gave me a few years ago. I think it might speak to your heart now as you face this difficult time. NOT AS THE WORLD GIVES - Peace - not as the world gives, I give unto you My peace. That you may be calm, In the midst of the storm, I give unto you My peace. I love you, dear child, I'll keep you from harm, I'll shield you in my loving arms. That you may be calm In the midst of the storm, I give unto you My peace. Edith Garges, Aug. 27, 1983
January 30, 2008 06:31:25
Margie Van Decker said...
Mrs. Gilbert, I am praying for you and have faith.My thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow.My daughters Bianca and Madison wish you well.Madison will say a prayer for you on Friday when she attends mass with her class.Thank you for always being such a wonderful person with me and my girls.God Bless you and your family.Margie
January 30, 2008 03:34:36
Amy Bo. said...
Good luck tomorrow Leslie, we'll be thinking about you and your family.
January 30, 2008 02:41:51
Kim Knell said...
Hi Leslie and Mike I just heard about you and I am praying for you tomorrow and stay strong as I am having my troubles now with MS so I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Kim
January 30, 2008 09:26:07
Stacy (slh1mom CKMB) said...
I'm thinking of you and hope all goes well tomorrow. Stay strong!
January 30, 2008 07:47:43
Ginna said...
Mike,Leslie,Jenna,Jeff & Ryan Today I have parayed, that as tomorrow draws near you will feel the LORDS presence giving you the strength and understanding for whatever his will may be in Leslie's (your moms)life. I am praying for his will to be a miracle. My thoughts and prayers will be with all of you tomorrow. To you Leslie, I say be STRONG! I know that you will get through this. I love you, Ginna:)
January 30, 2008 06:28:02
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