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Good Saturday morning!!  What are your plan's for the weekend?  Oh what a week we had at Vacation Bible School!  Can't believe that it is over.  To me the week went by fast.  So happy that I was able to participate.  I had a super time.

Here are a couple of the latest bathtime pictures that I took of Tyler.  He LOVES bathtime!

Tyler 73
Tyler 72

I want to wish my little brother Donald a very "Happy Birthday" today!!  We are headed to Yuma tonight for his birthday dinner.  Since Mike is on call and can't go we are going to have shrimp and lobster tonight!  For those of you that don't know Mike and Jenna both are extremely allergic to lobster, shrimp and crab.  I LOVE all three......but only get to order it if Mike and Jenna are not with me.

Also looking forward to going to the movies this weekend.  So many have told me that Toy Story 3 is soooo good!  We plan on watching it in 3-D.

I also wanted to mention the Dancing Feet Recital that has been going on at Southwest High School.  I heard that it is spectacular!  They have one more performance tonight.  Gretchen and Debi and all of the teachers do such a fabulous job!  The dancers are always great!  Oh I miss Jenna dancing so much!  Go see it if you get a chance.

Samantha reading your journal about your trip to Philly.  You are such a good writer!

Prayer requests:  Safety and protection for our military troops.  Also those who are suffering from depression.

Psalms 146 verse 8b:  He lifts the burdens of those bent down beneath their loads.  147 verse 5: How great he is!  His power is absolute!  His understanding is unlimited. 

Have a super weekend everyone!!  Today is another gift from God and He is so good!!  See you all on Monday!

What is the first thing you drink in the morning??  water??  coffee??  juice??  tea??  milk??

4 Comment(s):
Sami Morgan said...
Thank you Leslie. I usually drink milk first thing in the morning.
June 26, 2010 05:11:50
Leann said...
Leslie, Sounds like you're having a wonderful vacation. Two weeks down, and 7 more to go. Two cups of coffee first thing in the morning.
June 26, 2010 08:37:00
"Angel" Linda said...
Hello! Think we're going to have a real laid back real plans. Samantha's battling some kind of stomach bug, running a temp and has the start of an ear infection...started her on antibiotic yesterday. Thank goodness whatever it is held off until this weekend...wouldn't have been good to have been sick last weekend, with Jeopardy and all. Guess it just means we need to slow down and get some rest :) Have a great time at your brother's and enjoy the seafood...I love seafood but have to be careful in how much I eat...sometimes it doesn't agree with me. Love the bath time photos...what a cute little man! Samantha was thrilled that you liked her Philly journal. She's getting a more detailed article together for the kids column of the Erie newspaper. We've also been contacted to write up articles for the homeschooling forum/website we've been associated with - they'd like to do a story on her Jeopardy adventure along with a photo AND a separate article on the pretzel factory tour. I wrote up a nice article on the whole Jeopardy adventure for our town's newsletter too. It's amazing the amount of interest in the story...and she hasn't even made it to the t.v. show yet...I can only imagine what that will be like :) First thing I drink in the morning, is usually water. Have a great and blessed weekend...see you Monday, right here :) Love & Hugs...Hi to all your family! "Angel" Linda
June 26, 2010 08:13:02
Alexa said...
So funny; we were both blogging at the same time. My blog got posted to yesterday because your Saturday morning had not posted yet. Bath time pictures are coooool! First thing I drink is Diet Coke-Y'all know that! I love you girl and have fun eating seafood-I hope to get my fill next week while on the coast. Smiling and BELIEVING, Terrie O.
June 26, 2010 07:59:03
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