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Good Thursday morning!  Hellllllooooo July......time is flying by isn't it?  Lots going on this month too.  We have quite a few family birthdays in July, the 4th celebration, a good friend getting married, another baby shower and the whole family is going on a three day trip at the end of the month.  So looking forward to all of it!

Well the Dr. seems to think that I have a stress fracture in my foot and it will take about 12 weeks for it to heal.  He told me no walking for exercise but that my regular walking is fine.  I confessed to the hiking I did in Sedona....he rolled his eyes and smiled.  He told me that probably won't be a good idea for awhile.  :) I will go back to him only if it isn't healing in a few months.  So I will do my best not to do anything strenuous to it and try to stay off of it a bit more this summer. I thank you so much for your prayers.  Please continue to keep praying that my foot will heal soon. I can't tell you how relieved I am that it wasn't something more serious.

Here is my Tyler picture for the day.  He is in the swimming pool that Mike and I bought him.  He loved it!  Could you all please pray for him today?  He has a cold, cough and his first ear infection.   Poor little guy.  I am so glad that I am off right now so I can watch him while Jenna is at work.  Nani will pamper him all day!  :)



 Tyler 75

Prayer requests:  Peace and comfort for my friend Lisa Alloway and family on the passing of her mom on Tuesday.  Peace and comfort also for the Davila/Weed/Montijo families on the passing of Bobby's grandmother.  Continued prayers for comfort for those who have recently lost a loved one.  I can tell you that all the prayers are much appreciated.

Proverbs 3 verses 3, 4, 5 & 6:  Never forget to be truthful and kind.  Hold these virtues tightly.  Write them deep within your heart.  If you want favor with both God and man, and a reputation for good judgement and common sense, then trust the Lord completely; don't ever trust yourself.  In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.

Have a super day everyone!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!

Question:  Who named you....your mom or dad?  Are you named after a family member?  Any story behind your name?  Do you go by a nickname?

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Mick&Peg said...
Ah yes, those eyes of Tyler's. They could melt a heart of stone! Love your verses for today and am going to borrow them for my FB status. Well, you know my nickname and the "real" name is my mother's middle name that has been in her family for centuries. There are a lot of Margarets in Scotland, where her parents came from, because Queen Margaret from nearly 1100 A.D. is the female patron saint of Scotland. Aren't you glad you asked?? Love you:)
July 1, 2010 01:56:52
"Angel" Linda said...
Hello! We're home from the newspaper interview (and a few errands)...Samantha did great! Can't wait to see the article. The reporter was super interested in Samantha's story, asked lots of questions and was very impressed. He also took a couple pics of her and will use the best one with the story. This is soooo exciting. The other local paper in the area, will also be running a story with pics on her too! Samantha also wrote her story out for the column in the Erie Times News, where she did her ChemoAngels article. The editor emailed us back this morning and said it was an awesome story and she's going to push the story through as quickly as she can to get it in the paper. She was thrilled! She's been really encouraging about Samantha's writing ability. So much going on...makes your head spin! We still haven't heard anything from the news station yet, but most likely once these articles hit the papers, we will!! Another beautiful day here! Love it! Love Tyler's pool picture...sure looks like he was having a blast! Sorry to hear he's sick...that's always hard...we'll be praying! Glad there was nothing too serious with the foot...not that a stress fracture is nothing, but compared to other things, it's not a biggie. Just take care of it so it heals properly. I've done something to my right wrist...sprained/strained or carpal tunnel. It's been a bugger but nothing I can't handle, just means I have to take it easy too :) Can't keep good women down! As far as I know, my parents picked out my name together. The decided on Linda because back when I was born, it wasn't a real popular name/kind of unique. I wasn't named after anyone or for anyone. But something interesting: my mom got word she was pregnant for me on my paternal grandparents 25th anniversary (and yes, I was the first grandchild for that side of the family - first granddaughter on the other side). My dad always called me "Lil" as a nickname; my maternal grandfather called me "Pachichi" - don't ask me where that came from! Now with Samantha on the other hand - when I was pregnant with her, her dad had one request: if the baby was a boy to name it after him. Well I said that even if the baby was a girl, we could still name it after him! So we settled on Samantha (female form of Samuel), her middle name "Lee" is my middle name. So she's literally named after both her parents! Most people call her Samantha, but a few have started calling her "Sami". So there you go. Have a great day, Leslie...give hugs and kisses to everyone for me, especially that "Little Man" Tyler :) Love You All! "Angel" Linda
July 1, 2010 12:34:45
amybrinnon said...
Prayers for peace and comfort for Lisa's family during this time....Tyler is getting so big! He is adorable! I bet he loves "swimming" in his pool! How fun for you guys! My name came from the book "Little Women" b/c my mom was reading it when she was pregnant with me. My dad wanted to name me Jennifer, but my mom said no b/c that was the name of his old girlfriend. My middle name is Daneille, but spelled incorrectly b/c my mom didn't know how to spell it. (Danielle) Should be pronounced Dan-yell, but is spelled like Dan-neel.
July 1, 2010 11:50:13
Denise said...
Hey there!! So glad to hear the good news about your foot that it isn't anything serious!! Woo hoo I should have been a doctor!! Ok...I was named after a "sweet prostitute in Franch" (my dad's words) that was "very close" to my dad. Actually story is that she was a prostitute but that she saved his life one night. He was in the military police and got himself cornered and three guys were trying to kill him and she called on the radio for help. The only reason he got to name me was my mom was in a coma after my birth!! Otherwise my name would have been Michelle Rene. My nickname is Denny, Dennybell, and niecey. Have a great day!!
July 1, 2010 09:05:53
Randi said...
Good grief. I am a sucker for those eyes! Even in his "grumpy" picture.. Adorable! Poor guy with his ear infection. He's sick. You should have just let him have the cupcake! haha :) My mom named me. I have no idea where she got the name from. I would have been Randall if I was a boy (Yikes!!!). My middle name (Lynn) is my mom's middle name. :) Nicknames - Ran, Red, Roo :) Have a great day Les!
July 1, 2010 08:17:01
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