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Good Saturday morning!  We are busily getting ready for Tyler's 1st birthday party this afternoon.  I will of course be taking a lot of pictures and sharing them with you next week.  I had a fun day at work yesterday.  The kids were so cute in their Halloween costumes!  I have to say that the staff looked great too.  It amazes me every year how creative some of the costumes are.

Here is a couple of the pictures I took yesterday at work.  This one is of me and my friends Jessica and Lisa.

Halloween 01
This one is of me and my friend Susy Davila.

 Halloween 02
This next picture is of Tyler in his Halloween costume.  He wasn't a happy camper at all with the head piece on.  He wanted it off and we barely got this picture before he pulled it off again.  He sure is a cute little lion though.

Halloween 03
 My San Diego Chargers are playing in San Diego again on Sunday.  We are playing against the Tennessee Titans.  GO CHARGERS!!

Thank you God for your new mercies and grace each and every day.  Thank you for wisdom and for holding our hands to get us through tough times.  Thank you for amazing peace that passes all understanding! 

1 Peter 5 verse 7:  Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.

Have a super day and weekend everyone! Have fun with your family and friends.  I will see you on Monday!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!

Don't you just love the cartoon special,  It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?  I watched it again last night.


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Sandy said...
Happy Halloween Leslie! I am sure you will be having lots of fun with your grandson and family. We are taking our granddaughters trick or treating later this evening! They are both a Disney princess. One Snow White and the other Cinderella. Looking forward to seeing pictures of Tyler. Have fun!
October 31, 2010 07:11:59
"Angel" Linda said...
Good Morning! Sorry I missed you yesterday, but it was 'one of those' days...hectic, plus I wasn't feeling the greatest. I feel a little better today. Sami's feeling better too. Decided to jump over here while Mom & Sami are getting ready for our lunch with "the girls". Sharon's healing nicely & very upbeat following her mastectomy. Of course the news that the lymph nodes weren't affected was a huge relief. She's also been inundated with cards from Angels all across the country! She was thrilled to get those. My sister is healing nicely too. We're dropping off a casserole to her & the kids before we go to lunch. To answer your QOTD from yesterday - no, I don't really like candy corn. I've had a few of them along with the pumpkins & other treats from the harvest candies (cats, pumpkins, bats, etc). They aren't my favorite by any means. As for today's question: Yes, I love the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I didn't catch it on TV - usually I watch it with the other kids at the church's Harvest Fest, but that won't happen either :( Oh, well. Been getting lots more information on Sam's side of the family, including some very old copies of photos! In fact, think I'm going to make some prints of them today after lunch. I just love my Stephen Ministry's going wonderfully! We're 1/5 of the way through...we won't finish up until March, but that should help make the winter pass! Been working on my "projects" again too. Not sure how much headway I'm making but every step forward will get me to the end eventually! It's kind of nice having to have Sami at church a couple nights a week - that's when I make time for those 'projects' because she's there for a couple of hours each night! It's cold here today...not even out of the mid-40's yet. Overnight tonight it's supposed to get into the teens!! BRRRR! Well, have a great party today with Tyler "The Birthday Boy" & the rest of the family! It'll be a blast I know! Also have a fantastic weekend...see you back here on Monday. Love & Hugs...and special HUGS & a kiss for the birthday boy, ok? "Angel" Linda
October 30, 2010 08:01:20
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