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Good Monday morning!!  How was everyone's Christmas?  We had a fabulous Christmas Eve and Day!  We all went to a Christmas Eve candle light service at our church.  It was so nice and heart warming to focus on and celebrate the birth of Jesus. The church was packed and it was very nice to see some old friends that were here in the Valley visiting.  Then we had a super fun time with family and friends afterwards at Ryan and Jenna's house.  We ate some awesome food, played some hilarious games (one we laughed so hard our very full stomachs hurt)  and had an ornament gift exchange.  The kind of exchange where you pick a gift and it can get stolen a few times before it is frozen.  Everyone leaves with a new ornament for their tree. 

Christmas morning everyone met at mine and Mike's house for a HUGE Christmas breakfast.  With all the food I ate this weekend I think I am in a food coma. hahaha.  We hung out all day, played some more games and enjoyed Tyler immensely.  He had a blast with the opening of Christmas presents.  Of course he wasn't really interested with the gift that was inside.  He wanted to play with all the wrapping paper and boxes.  If we would of just wrapped a big box with nothing but wrapping and tissue paper inside he would of been happy.  Here is Tyler in his Christmas glory.......Tyler 65
Tyler 66
Tyler 67

Seeing a child's face light up on Christmas morning is one of life's greatest gifts.  I will have more pictures to share with you this week.  We all ended the evening sitting by  the fireplace and just chillin.  I thanked God for my family and friends and for all the wonderful memories that were made.  I do not take for granted how richly blessed we are.

I would like to wish a happy belated birthday to Kriss Hobelman who celebrated her birthday yesterday.  Happy Birthday Krissy!  Hope you had a great day and are having fun in the snow.

Prayer requests: I have a lot of them.  While most of us had a great past few days,  for some people it wasn't so good.  Please pray for Samuel Lyndell,  the little boy that we have been praying for to be healed of cancer.  He had another treatment and nearly died from it on Christmas Eve.  He hung in there and is doing better.  Please pray that he will be healed, and for strength for Samuel and his family.  Also for another family who spent Christmas Day together in the hospital while their loved one was recovering in ICU.  Also for another family who spent Christmas Day in the hospital while their baby was sick.  And finally for two families who lost a loved one on Christmas Day.    Let's pray that their spirits will be lifted and that they will be comforted.  I know our precious God is watching over them.  Thank you all for faithfully praying.

Matthew 19 verse 26b: But with God, everything is possible.

Have a marvelous day everyone!!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!

Question....tell me about your Christmas....... 

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Evelyn said...
So sorry to hear about those families who are hurting - especially the one whose loved one died on Christmas day. I hope they can be comforted in the thought that their loved one got to meet the author of Christmas on Christmas Day. *** That Tyler! He can have a good time anytime and anywhere, I can see that. Yes, I think they nearly all have more fun with the paper, ribbons and boxes than with the gifts - just more pretty and more room for their big imaginations. I think one of my more fun activities is wrapping the gifts, and even though Del likes to buy lots of different kinds of wrapping paper, I would rather use a recycled bag and old Christmas cards - you know the kind of plastic bag that's silver colored on the inside so if you turn it wrong side out, it's a plain, shiny silver. You can do so much to make them pretty, unusual and unique with just a Christmas scene from a card and some ribbon. *** Well, on Christmas morning, before opening presents, I put a cherry coffee cake in the oven to bake. So by the time we open the gifts and are ready for breakfast, it is ready to take out of the oven. Yummy! We always look forward to that. And since breakfast is always late, we have a late Christmas dinner, too - lupper (a cross between lunch and supper). And we had plenty (ham, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, creamed potatoes, fruit salad, graber olives, cranberry sauce and then creamy lemon pie for dessert. Yummmmmmy! 'Fraid we'll have to diet after New Year's. Ha! And then just chilling together while listening to Christmas music. I love it. Glad to hear you all had a good Christmas too. Still praying in AL. Love, Ev
December 27, 2010 10:18:28
Patti martin said...
Tyler's is so adorable playing with all that wrapping paper.. And your right, having a child or grandchild around during Christmas just makes you happy. They have so many different expressions.. I'm glad you had such a great Christmas...This was our DGS's first Christmas and we were lucky enough to have him at our house for it. We got him one of those lil tables that has musical buttons, piano, etc. on the 4 sides for him to walk around and a book in the center that makes music when you flip the page. He was facinated by it, wouldn't open any of his other presents. Until he saw the ride-on airplane. When you turn the key, it plays music and the propeller spins. He kept pushing it back and forth with his hands. He loves toys that roll. We all sat around watching him play. He even waited until Christmas Eve to grab a present from under the tree by himself.. He had stayed away from the tree and presents since after Thanksgiving. He walks along the couch but hasn't walked on his own yet. But his Mommy put him on the ride-on plane and showed him how to do his feet. He took off through the kitchen and down the hall going faster with each step. LOL Mommy was hurrying behind him making sure he didn't fall... So cute.. I have some pictures on SSS. DGS #2 was so excited when he opened his 3 xbox games and the mini remote control helicopter. He's 8 and every year waits impatiently for us adults to finish eating so he can open presents. And he was super excited with all the presents that Santa left in his giant stocking...We had a lovely Christmas!!
December 27, 2010 08:58:12
"Angel" Linda said...
Helloooooo! I just read everyone's messages...and I'm...well...speechless :) I was so happy to hear about Steve & Janice...what a special moment. I laughed so hard over Denise's story...I agree we need to hear about her New Year's Eve...I just hope we can handle it!! Comical :) Just love the pics of Tyler...priceless. Isn't it funny when they are his age, how they're more fascinated with the paper & boxes than the toys! I'm sure Christmas with him was absolutely wonderful - little ones always make Christmas's so great to see their faces light up. Little Samuel made it home on Sunday morning! We were right in the middle of church service when we got word that they were on their way home. It was deafening in the sanctuary with all the cheering & clapping at the news! We are so thankful to God for getting him through that harsh treatment, saving & healing him! I'll continue to keep you posted. It is so hard to know that others are suffering while the rest of us are celebrating. I will continue to pray for all those requests...we've had our share of Christmases spent in hospitals too...thankfully this year it was a good year. We heard of some pretty amazing Christmas miracles too - a lady in our church got her kidney transplant the week before Christmas & she was actually feeling well enough that she came to church Sunday! She looked wonderful! Our Christmas Eve got started rather early. We'd planned on everyone arriving around 4 p.m. - my sister & her kids are NEVER on we were absolutely floored when they showed up EARLY! We ate WAAAAAAAAY too much good food, opened lots of wonderful gifts & played some hilarious games ;) Most of it was captured on video & posted on FB!! Crazy good fun. Christmas morning was spent opening more gifts & just kicking back, relaxing. It was absolutely wonderful. Got some amazingly thoughtful gifts! This will be a quiet week - no evening activities. Of course all heck will break loose after the New Year, when everything gets back into full swing. I must be a glutton for punishment!! Signed up today for another Bible College class - Messianic Module - it's a study of Jewish & Biblical history. What the heck am I thinking trying to manage two course-loads at one time??? It's going to get crazy! Our schedule was alredy full before this...and now??? I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. Pray for me! Thinking of spending the day in Erie'll be a "fun" day of shopping. I've got a few gift cards to put to good use, as well as one return to make. Got your email too...hahahaha...too funny, but so true! Enjoy the rest of your time off! Love you tons & sending (((HUGS))) across the miles! "Angel" Linda
December 27, 2010 05:36:32
Leslie said... didn't make me sad at all when I saw you. I was so happy to see you and your family!! You all mean a lot to me. Randi.....Congrats to Steve and Janice! I am so very happy for them both! Denise....You made me laugh so hard. Thank you! I agree with Becky....we all want to hear how you New Year's Eve goes. Love to you all!
December 27, 2010 03:52:28
Becky G. said...
Oh, Denise, I'm sitting here at work with tears running down my face and my sides hurt from laughing! You should really consider having your own comedy website!! The image is more than vivid!! QOTD - Christmas was calm and uneventful at the Gibbs house, but nice. My boys have the same cold stuff Dennis and I have had, so they were pretty quiet during the festivities. I was so glad to read Randi's comments this morning. I'm VERY excited for Steve and Janice! And glad Steve's progress is coming along. Continue to keep us posted. Mrs. O - I was going through student files for 8th grade this morning and came across one of your kinder students from 9 years ago with your signature and comments. It brought back some fun memories! May my teacher friends enjoy the rest of their break. I can't WAIT to hear about Denise's New Years Eve!!
December 27, 2010 01:58:39
Denise said...
Good Morning Sunshine!! The pics of Tyler are adorable. Ok my Christmas was nice with all my family around. HOWEVER...I made the awful mistake of asking for perfume from Victoria Secret. I'm not sure how bad it was but all I know is my 18 year old son came home and said that what happens at Victoria Secret stays at Victoria's Secret. On Christmas morning I saw it...the package from VS...all wrapped in a pink box...a BEAUTIFUL SITE to behold!! So I was saving it until last. I opened gift after gift of beautiful things and happened!! I opened a brown shoe box and there was my perfume!! Oh noooo I thought...what could possibly be in that box? What is it that I could be opening UP in FRONT of my DAD!! So the time came when all gifts were opened EXCEPT the dreaded VS box!! As I picked it up I began to pray...Please God close my dad's eyes!! I opened it up and pulled out a black and white lacy thong approximately 4 sizes too small for me!! My mother in law proudly exclaimed don't you just love it as I was slamming it back into the box! Oh it's beautiful I said...I am going to keep it in a safe place!! My son's comment was do you have any idea how scarred I am...I am in Victoria's Secret with my dad and grandmother picking out a thong for my MOTHER!! So Sunday morning I put it on and pranced into the bathroom for Truman to see...I said do you like it? He goes what? Now mind you that is ALL I had I realized that my belly apparently was covering the thong in I raised up my belly and he goes ohhhhhhhhh gotcha!! Then I turned around and he exclaimed...where's the back? I said deep deep ohhhhhhhh so deep within an area you don't want to know will take a crane to dig it out!! Needless to say...those undies...are tucked neatly away as to never be seen again!! However...the laughing we did together was well worth the gift!! Hope you had a very merry Christmas and be sooo thankful your hubby buys you nice things!!
December 27, 2010 10:58:15
Kimberly said...
Good glad I got to see you Christmas eve...,and so sorry I "lost it". I was already emotional from the serman..and seeing your wonderful smiling face along with Mike just hit a "button" I guess. I am just amazed at how day by day you keep going and have such a bright are truley an inspiration to all of us. And when I am down (as I was before even before going to church) and I see you...It all just changed. So I am sorry if I made you sad in any way :) Glad you had a great Christmas...enjoy your week to work I go !!! HUGS
December 27, 2010 08:13:32
randi ryan said...
Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. You'll have to tell us a little more about those reindeer games you played. :) Tyler really looked like he enjoyed himself. So sorry to read about those families who suffered through the holidays. I have kept little Samuel (& his family) in my thoughts and prayers. Spending a holiday in a hospital (ICU) is something I had never experienced until this year (Thanksgiving). It is hard. Prayers going up for those folks, too. Question of the Day... Our Christmas Eve was spent at my parent's house (tradition that has come to an end). Beginning next year, Shawn and I have been nominated to step up and take over the hosting of Christmas Eve dinner. Yikes!! The food was delicious. My dad made homemade lasagna, Sharon made antipasto salad, and we had cheesecake for dessert. Simple this year, but our evening was really centered around family (my parents, Sharon, Grandma & Oscar, brother Shane & Esmy, & us). It was eventful though. Christmas Day, Shawn, Ty, & I were on the road by 9. We spent a few hours with Steve & Janice (& her two daughters, along with Shannon, Greg & our neices) at the VA. It was so sad to see the men there that had no one to spend Christmas with. If anyone is ever looking for someone to make a card for, or someone to make cookies for, or just someone to visit with, remember our injured vets. Many of them really need to be reminded that someone still cares. After we visited with Steve, we headed over to my brother's house. This was VERY exciting because it was the first year that Thomas & April could host us all at their home for any holiday. They had about 20 people there. And, of course, my Tanner Man loooooooooooved his gift. We bought him a plastic cowboy pistol & rifle. Bang! Bang! He was finally old enough to "kinda" understand what was happening. He loves being the center of attention, for sure. The food was amazing! My dad cooked a prime rib, cheesy potatoes, green beans, and rolls. OOOOOOOHHHHHH SSSSOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD. Full bellies, we hit the road and headed home. Weeeeelllll..... It was on our way home that we got some news that really sent us for a loop. After we had left Steve and Janice, he proposed to her! They are getting married next month!!! It was quite a shock, but we are so happy for them. Going through all of this "mess" the past two months, Shawn and I have seen the love that the two of them have for each other. It was definitely a miracle that the two of them were here with us to celebrate such a wonderful day. :) Les, I love ya!
December 27, 2010 07:59:19
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