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Good Friday morning!!  Are you all ready for the weekend?  Smiling REALLY big here!  I "happy danced" all day long yesterday!  Just ask my co-workers!  :)  Thank you for all the wonderful e-mails, calls, cards, texts and comments!  Each one is a treasure to me.  I am so happy that the weekend is just about here.  It has been quite a week.  Looking forward to a hopefully relaxing weekend. 

Guess who is 15 months old today??  Yep....Tyler Michael.  I have missed Tyler a bunch this week.  He started getting sick early in the week and I have had to force myself to stay away.  I just don't want to take the chance of catching what he has.  Hopefully this weekend I will be able to see him and smother him in hugs and kisses.....and take some new pictures for you!

Here is a picture that I had Mike take on Wednesday.  This is outside of Dr. McClay's office.  It is the same fountain that I took the picture in when I graduated from doing chemo.  Only this time it was a little too cold to stand in.  (Heck....I should of done it anyways) My friend Peggy Severe always asks me to take another picture by the fountain.  So here it is Peg......right after I got the great news!

 Leslie Thumbs Up

This smile from me is not only because I received awesome news, but because I have Jesus Christ as the center of my life and HOPE in my heart.  That is my biggest hearts desire for everyone else too.

Angel Linda......I will post your picture here as soon as I get one from you.  I know that a lot of people want to know what you look like.  Sami too! 

Thank you again everyone for your faithful prayers!  What a tremendous power prayers are!

Prayer requests:  I know of 2 people now who have interviews for a job.  Please keep them in your prayers that the interviews go great and that they will get the job.  Let's continue to remember our military and their families in our prayers.  Pray that God will protect them and keep them safe while they are serving our country.

Psalms 69 verse 32:  The humble shall see their God at work for them.  No wonder they will be so glad!  All who seek for God shall live in joy.

Read bible in a year:  Today...Exodus 30 - 32.  Tomorrow (Saturday)....Exodus 33 - 35.  If you still haven't started and think you are too are not.  Just jump in and join us where we are at now.  It is going really well!

Have a fantabulous day everyone!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!

Question of the day.....When you were a kid, did you ever get a chance to fly a kite?  Yes I sure did.  I don't really see too much of it now a days but I remember having a great time doing it as a kid and with my kids.  Definitely a "must do" with Tyler when he is old enough.


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Evelyn said...
Leslie, just LOVE that pic of you - thumbs up! *Well, I've been right where I should be for a few days now in my reading after getting caught up from bein' behind in last year's - just a little behind you in Exodus (but I'm reading the NT concurrently). Sure is easier when you're not doubling up. (ha, ha!) * This evening I got energetic and finally patched a couple of gaping holes in the ceiling of the kitchen-dining room where old lights used to be and then spackled some nail holes, too. I had to be on a step ladder to do that, which I don't feel steady doing, so Del held my back until his neck and head started hurting, and then Stephen held my back. I'm hoping I can finish painting the ceiling tomorrow. We're planning to pick up a dishwasher on Sunday so want it done before then. * Well, I vaguely remember TRYING to make a kite when I was a kid. And then I think Mom bought us one. Don't remember ever getting it much off the ground, though. Then when Stephen was little we played with kites a bit - never too successfully, though. Not my forte. Still praying in AL. Love, Ev
January 28, 2011 07:22:04
Sandy said...
Hi Leslie, I was so happy to read your wonderful news! I even did a little happy dance for you and Tim looked at me like I was crazy. I love your picture! Your beauty shines inside and out. I like how you do enjoy each and every day of your life. You inspire me to live my life better and be stronger in my faith in God. I have been keeping up with the bible reading. I am learning things that I never knew before. Thank you for starting that. Have a good weekend. Hugs!
January 28, 2011 02:55:55
Terrie O. said...
Howdy and HAPPY FRIDAY! YES, I am ready... Thumbs up??????? Isn't that the Gig'em Aggies sign?????? I love this picture Leslie! Annnd I love you! I BELIEVE, Terrie O.
January 28, 2011 01:36:19
"Angel" Linda said...
Hi Leslie! I just LOVE that 'thumbs up' pic of you by the fountain! So cool. Samantha started with a sore throat last night (pretty red looking!) & it's still hanging on this morning. Lots of strep throat going around. Taking her in for a throat culture to see. If that's what's going on, gotta get her on medicine ASAP because she's due to teach Sunday school this Sunday! Can't have her pass it on to a room full of preschoolers! I'll let you know what we find out. I'm sure it's been tough on you not seeing & being with Tyler, but Nani Leslie definitely doesn't need to get sick! I have to say that the most incredible thing about you through this whole cancer journey is your incredible faith & trust in Jesus. You are truly an example of what a true Christian is. Your story isn't just inspiring in the fact that you faced cancer & are winning...the real heart of the story is your never-filing trust that Jesus would see you through. Like you said, Christ is the CENTER of your life. It shows. It's contagious. You are truly the 'salt' that makes the rest of us hunger & thrist for what you have. I have Christ as the center of my life too, but there is still 'something', your 'salt', that I want! Does that make sense? I'm excited that you're going to post a pic of me & Sami for everyone to see. The portraits come in next week & as I soon as I have them, I'll pop yours in the mail. QOTD - Yes, I flew a kite when I was a kid. In fact, we were living in Virginia back then & I clearly remember flying a 'puffer' kite along the shores of the Potomac River with my family. As my own children were growing up (they're 13 years apart in age - so it was like having 2 'only' children!), I got kites for them too. Samantha, as she already posted, does still like flying her kite. Well, lady, I must close this for now & get my kiddo to the clinic for her throat culture. You have a great day. Sending my love to you on angel's wings! (((HUGS))) "Angel" Linda
January 28, 2011 08:19:33
Sami said...
Hi Leslie! Yep, I still like to fly my kite today. Hmm... I wonder if I could fly it in a snowstorm? Ben Franklin is invading my mind! LOL! Talk to ya later! Sami
January 28, 2011 07:07:32
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