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Anything God asks us to do he supplies us with the energy and grace to do it.

Good Saturday morning!!  What are you all up to this weekend?  It was a cold and windy night last night in the Imperial Valley.  Looks like we may get some rain this morning.  Tyler did great at the Drs. yesterday.  He didn't cry at all with his shots.  He is a growing healthy boy which I thank God for daily.  We all went out to dinner last night and had some awesome BBQ.  Had a really good time.  Today Mike and I have a day of running around getting stuff done. 

Here is a picture of Ryan and Jenna playing with Tyler.

Tyler 11 

This picture Ryan is making Tyler laugh real hard.

Tyler 12

Terrie O......I am praying and am anxious to read what you are going to tell us on March 2nd.  I have a good guess on what it is.  We will see if I am right. (Did you get my e-mail answering your questions?)   Brenda G......That is so cool that we have a little connection to an American Idol contestant.  I like him too.  Hopefully he will make it far in the competition.

I would like to wish my niece Kayanna a very "Happy Birthday" on Sunday!!  Have a super fun day!!

I received two calls yesterday with the callers telling me they got answers to prayer!  Woohoo!!

Update on 18 year old Haley (she lives in Indiana) who had surgery to remove a brain tumor.  The surgery went well and the Drs. were able to remove all the tumor.  However it was malignant and she will be starting chemo/radiation soon.  Pray for her to recover quickly and to gain strength for the chemo.  Also I believe that Lorri Cavins is starting chemo on Monday.  Will update you more about that on Monday.

Prayer requests:  For little Samuel who was doing better from the fever and all of a sudden last night got severe stomach pains and was put on morphine.  Please pray they find out what is causing it and that he gets through this setback too.  Pray also for his parents.  Thank you Angel Linda for the updates. Also if you could pray for my Dr. appointment with the neurosurgeon on Monday to go well.  Thank you.

John 14: verse 27: (Jesus is talking) "I am leaving you with a gift---peace of mind and heart!  And the peace I give isn't fragile like the peace the world gives.  So don't be troubled or afraid.

Read the bible in a year:  Today.....Numbers 35 - 36.  Sunday......Deuteronomy 1 -2.  Monday....Deuteronomy 3 - 4.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Relax a little and enjoy time with your family and friends.  I will see you on Monday!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!

Question of the day.....What is the last thing you baked in your oven?  I baked a cake earlier this week.  Red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

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EDITH said...
praying for your prayer requests. Got Lorri's card in the mail today she'll get it next week. I'm ordering some little devotional books written especially for people with serious illnesses to keep on hand. I wish I'd known about it when you were so ill. I'm praying for you for Monday good news! As always, love your photos,thanks for posting them. QOTD & yesterday - I'm a cheese girl, too, and love most of them cept haven't tried limburger yet. Frank told me it has an aftertaste. He went to the cheese factory where they make it. I heated meatballs in my oven tonight for Herb's Bible class. Your cake sounds scrumptious! Yummm! Love you!
February 26, 2011 11:40:15
Evelyn said...
Just love those pics of Tyler laughing with Mommy & Daddy. * Praying for the prayer requests. * I'm definitely relaxing this week-end - no choice - I'm got the flu bug I'm afraid. Just got up to take my vitamins, calcium and a garlic cap. * QOD: I don't remember. Isn't that awful? Still readin and a prayin' in AL. Love, Ev
February 26, 2011 11:11:01
Victor and Caroline said...
Hello Leslie, What a great weather day! We will soon be warming up again, so I love the cloudy cold days! I took Victor to the movies today for one of his Valentine's Day gifts! We finally had time this week-end to go. Gee, we may go again tomorrow too! This morning I made cinnamon rolls in my oven for breakfast, yummy! I love to cook a big dinner for our family and anyone else that wants to come over on Sundays, so I use my oven a lot! I cook almost every night except Friday night, because that's the night they take me out to dinner! :) We will pray for your appointment on Monday; we know God will wrap you in peace and love! We love you! XOX from The Jaime Family
February 26, 2011 10:50:15
"Angel" Linda said...
Hi Leslie! Wanted to get the lastest update for Samuel posted, while it sounds like he's feeling better, it's still pretty scary that he's dealing with Staph - that stuff can be deadly in a healthy person! Sami & I went to WalMart this afternoon - picked up a couple new shirts, an interesting book (just getting started reading it), and a few essentials. Thankfully the weather was better today. Hard to believe we've been hearing that there might be snow in L.A. for the Oscars! WOW! That would be something. Sami got an update post from Joe Jonas & it was hailing at his LA home earlier today. She also had a blast sitting in on a live chat with Nick Jonas - she posted several questions, but none of hers were answered. I was sorry to hear that Haley's tumor was malignant - will be praying the blood of Jesus over her. It was good to hear that Lorri will be starting chemo Monday - something must've gotten worked out with her insurance & that's good. Will continue praying for her, as it's not going to be an easy road through chemo...but I believe she's strong & she will come overcome it. I've been praying for your appointment & will continue to keep you before the Lord for a good report. I got your thank you card in the mail today - you were sweet to send it. I so enjoy sending all the goodies. QOTD - Last thing I baked in the oven was chicken for dinner tonight. You have a wonderful weekend. I'll keep you posted about Samuel. Thanks for all the prayers for him. (((HUGS))) Tons of Love, "Angel" Linda
February 26, 2011 04:52:22
"Angel" Linda said...
LATEST SAMUEL UPDATE: Last night was really tough for Samuel. He had a lot of pain and we are really not sure where. He kept saying his "butt" yet there was nothing to see. When I put a little pressure on his lower back he definitely seemed in more pain and it wasn't until almost 4AM that he finally gave into a morphine induced sleep. It was the most amount of pain I have ever seen him have. Still today we have no clue what or why he was in so much pain. He had x-rays but nothing could be seen. As far as his port they figure that he possibly just bumped it out of place and the tissue around it swelled up, thus pushing the needle completely out of place. I can say that he has had a much better day today as far as the pain goes. He says that he doesn't hurt at all right now? Actually, we haven't had to give him any pain meds since earlier this morning. When we came in on Wednesday night he had some pretty bad diarrhea, That is finally gone but now he's been vomiting a lot today. They did get back a positive culture for Staph infection but where it came from or where it is on or in his body is still be determined.... Because of the pain, the new vomiting and the positive culture he will not be going home just yet. His counts are not increasing at this point either so that is very alarming. Another loop in this long long LONG roller coaster ride I guess. Please keep praying. Thanks a ton for all the encouragement, love, and support, you are all needed and appreciated more than you could possibly realize......
February 26, 2011 04:28:16
Kimberly said...
Good morning....sorry to have missed you on the field trip. Jess said there were too many parents going, so I did some "to do's" instead. Glad to hear all is going all your daily pics, hope someone took some on the field trip (I want copies of Emily if any). Meatloaf (turkey) was the last thing baked in the oven. I was yummy too! Alan & Joshie are on a boy scout field trip to NAF with the Blue Angles today & Emmie & I are running errands. Cant seem to get going though...nice warm blanket & hot coco sond better!! Have a great weekend...hugs!!
February 26, 2011 09:27:09
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