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UPDATE 7:30pm  - Today has not been one of my favorite days, doesn't even rank in the top 19,000.  BUT there has been a glimmer of hope in all of this; Leslie's body just does not tolerate pain medications - she recovered from brain surgery on Tylenol.  They stopped the pain patch Leslie was on because one of the side effects is sleepiness and that's something we are trying to fight.  She isn't able to verbilize pain very well right now but it seems she has been having a headache.  They gave her a very small dose of Fentanyl and she slept like a baby for about 2 hours and did not seem to have any nausea or other side effects from it - it would be great to have a pain medication she could tolerate!!!  That small dose held her for almost 3 hours and she is allowed to have it every hour if needed.  Of course, that was just the first dose, hopefully she will continue to tolerate it well.

Dr McClay (oncologist) called me today and asked how Leslie was doing.  When she gets out of here and gets better, Yervoy may not be the best choice because she will probably continue to need some steroids.  But a new medicine was just approved (like maybe today) that she may be a candidate for - another glimmer of hope.

PS - There have been some comments about my superhuman strength, remember that I am just doing what any one of you would do in the same situation.  My strength is far from superhuman, in fact it's pretty frail a lot lately.  But Leslie has been a good PR agent for me all these years - convincing you that I am much stronger, much more romantic, and much more handsome than I really am :)


My big hopes of her perking up today have not materialized :(  She is getting plenty of fluids, nurishment, and steroids but so far no big response.  She is a little more awake today, more restless - but less vocal and less focused.  The doctors are still hopefull that the steroids will help reduce the swelling and she will wake up soon.  We have done our part, now it seems it's in God's hands. 

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Debi S said...
Mike, I can identify with what Amy said, we have only met a few times but I think you are exactly who Leslie says you are. God knew what he was doing when he brought you two together. He knew the character of the man He chose for Leslie. She is precious to Him and he wanted someone special for her. He found it in you. You two are a perfect fit,His plan was perfect. He has already gone before and prepared the way, trust He knows the path well. He has NEVER failed us yet!
August 18, 2011 12:56:40
Tisha said...
Thanks for the update, Mike. Stay strong. I am sending thoughts and prayers your way!!!!
August 18, 2011 11:20:47
Brenda Grose said...
The new game plan sounds great... Mike I am sorry that yesterday was not your favorite day and that lately you haven't had too many good ones. Something I would like to only suggest that made me smile... I looked back a few weeks in the blog to see our sweet little Leslie's bright cheerful spirit. It helped me! I prayed last night that soon we have that bubbly little lady back ... I hope it works for you like it did for me... Mike you can't fool me...I know not just from Leslie but from my only personal experience that you are in fact a super duper guy...Leslie if someone is reading this to you I want you to know that I have faith that you are doing all you can to fight and to get well.. I am praying around the clock for you and have asked many to pray for you as well... I love you with all my heart... Keep up the fight!!!
August 18, 2011 11:00:00
Christie said...
Thank you for the update! I saw the news of the new drug and immediately thought of Leslie. I hope and pray that this is the answer for her! (((hugs))) and I hope today is better for you both.
August 18, 2011 09:43:12
Tom said...
Mike, you find your strength in the love you and Leslie share and the love that Jenna and Jeff give to you both, and the greatest of these is the love the Lord first gave us. God is with you all at all times.
August 18, 2011 06:41:54
Evelyn said...
Mike, you're pretty high up in my book, but maybe that's cuz I'm a doting aunt. You were my FIRST nephew, and I always thot you were pretty neat. Still do! * When Leslie gets out of there and doing better (that's what I'm praying for), I might have a teeny weeny suggestion, but you may have done this already. Anyway, that can wait. In the meantime, YOU get YOUR rest and eat good. Love U bunches. Ev
August 18, 2011 06:36:04
Kristi Pacheco said...
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you....praying for strength, healing and all other needs...God is good!! Hugs to Leslie and family!! You sound pretty amazing to me too Mike!! What a man of God!! You may not be superhuman but you are a man after God's heart!!!
August 17, 2011 10:41:43
Marga said...
Ha. Yeah right, Mike. I've SEEN you leap tall buildings in a single bound. :) Can't fool me.
August 17, 2011 10:32:51
Amy Bo. said...
Mike, I don't recall ever formally meeting you, but I just want to tell you how awesome you are. You are an inspiration. I hope my boys grow to be men who have the character you do. Leslie is a blessed gal. Leslie, I think about you and your family night and day. You are such an angel. You radiate positive energy and I can't wait until we can have our lunch conversations again...they're always so interesting! Keep on keepin' on! (((HUG))) Mike...maybe it's time to slip HOPE into your pocket for a while. She is amazing...
August 17, 2011 10:29:43
Linda Dingler said...
Thanks for the update. I'm hoping that now she has some pain meds that are working, she will get more strength. She's so lucky to have you, don't downplay your role in her life and her recovery. I'll be praying for you both. lindainsocal
August 17, 2011 10:00:11
Fadia said...
Dearest Leslie and Mike, you are glorifying Him. We (Olivia (almost 5yrs) and I)stopped early this morning and prayed for you lifting you up before Him. Mike, truly we are touched in speechless ways by your heart and honesty and God gifted strength as the #1 fan of Leslie's. As you have more info on the new menu of rx, please share as you see fit. "Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden, The God who is our salvation." Psalms 68:19 Praying for a restful night for you both, for pain free time with Leslie and more awake hours to share smiles and hugs together, if it is His will. Your San Diego prayers continue. Blessings and Be strong.
August 17, 2011 09:43:42
Vicki Rush said...
HALLELUJAH and all honor glory and praise be unto THE LAMB!!!! HOPE is arising and Mike we are standing in the gap for the Lord Jesus to continue to encourage your heart and let you know He is there with you and Leslie. He is working through the doctor's and the timing of this new medicine to be approved. WOW!! God is God and nothing is impossible for Him. We will be steadfast to pray for continual improvements and for the Lord to inject His healing power in her body and raise her up. Mike we all have a time in our lives where our faith and trust is tested. This is why the body of Christ is so powerful and important to be there to hold encourage love support pray and whatever the need to be an instrument of the Lord in which He can flow through us to meet needs and His GLORY. Psalm 41:13 For I am the Lord, your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Mike just remember His hand is always extended to help you. Love you all so much!!!!
August 17, 2011 09:18:31
Sue said...
praying fiercely for all of you!
August 17, 2011 09:16:18
Patti martin said...
Praying for you Leslie, for you to be less sleepy, for your strength to return so you can start you new treatments. Thank you Mike for the updates. Hugs, PattiM {Pattie's passion} I Scrap So All Moments ARe Remembered!
August 17, 2011 08:55:39
Peggy said...
THANK YOU so much for the update Mike. I happen to believe everything Leslie says about you. My sweet little friend sure is a TLS. I'm still praying for all of you. I love you Leslie. XOXOXO
August 17, 2011 08:47:23
Angel Linda said...
Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! What an encouraging post! I, too, heard about the release of the new drug...the story was amazing!! The woman's story that they interviewed was very encouraging...and the change in the body scan they showed, blew us away here. It's definitely a break-through in the treatment of melanoma. Continuing to pray for a return of strength for Leslie. Come on, Leslie, can do this!!! Mike, no matter what you say, what you are doing still takes a ton of superhuman strength to endure it...thankfully you are hooked up to the Ultimate Power Source for your strength and edurance. Any step of progress forward is encouraging! Thanks for the update. Love and hugs to you both.
August 17, 2011 08:47:05
Krissy said...
Thannk you Mike for updating us on Leslie.....even if you don't believe you are all those things, we do because Leslie does and you are the perfect husband for her! Wishing I could give you my strength to help recharge your strength but you have done such a great job at it and letting God take over at this point is exactly what is necessary. God is holding your family tightly tonight. Big hugs to you all and prayers for tomorrow to be better.
August 17, 2011 08:41:58
Monica the sister said...
I just read about that new treatment this afternoon and was talking to Gregg about it. It seems to have some good results. Trusting God's timing in all of this. I couldn't have asked for a better husband for my sister!!!
August 17, 2011 08:28:23
randi ryan r said...
That should say "hugs to you both" :)
August 17, 2011 07:55:04
randi ryan said...
Good news about the fentanyl. Shawns dad has to btake that when he has surgery. Les, I love you & am praying you feel better soon. Mike, you ARE superhuman... you are amazing. As becky said, leslie married you knowing how perfect you were/are for her...incredible - both of you. Gugs to you both.
August 17, 2011 07:50:27
Victor and Caroline said...
Dear Mike and Leslie, wow, I just read your blog and God answered my prayer! I didn't want to disturb you, but I was watching the ABC Evening News with Diane Sawyer, and there it was the news about this new drug that will help people with melanoma. I wanted to tell you, and then there it was in the blog, so maybe you can log onto ABC News and read about the segment that was on the evening news today. We have hope and we believe! Sending you all lots of love from the Jaime Family
August 17, 2011 07:41:18
Becky Gibbs said...
Glad to hear there is the possibility of a new medication for Leslie! Mike, don't sell yourself short. We ALL know that Leslie doesn't and couldn't lie, and if she says something, she believes it! She loves you, Jenna, Jeff, and especially Tyler more than anything on earth. She knew on the day she married you that you'd be exactly where you are today . . . right by her side no matter what the circumstances. She'd do the same for you in a heartbeat. So, you just stay as strong, romantic, and handsome as Leslie believes you are, and you'll be just fine! :)
August 17, 2011 07:37:19
Becky Drass said...
I know Leslie from Scrap Sisters Studio. I'm sorry that she is having such a tough time, and I am praying for her. "beckybeep"
August 17, 2011 07:21:41
Sandra said...
I'm praying for you all -- for healing, for hope and encouragement, and for many to be drawn to the Savior through these difficult events. Leslie has a loving Advocate who sits at the right hand of the Father and speaks for her very best. And we all will join our voices in bringing you all before the Father, and we'll praise Him for His answers and loving intervention.
August 17, 2011 06:34:10
Lorri said...
Mike: Ditto to what everyone has said......God is with you and Leslie!!!! I am praying for all of you and your incredible strength....God's time is not always what we want.....I agree it has just been a day....give her time. She is so beautiful and I believe....and will keep praying!!! <3 luv to you all
August 17, 2011 06:03:32
Marga said...
Love you Les and Mike, I know you know we are all here.
August 17, 2011 06:03:12
Tina Stiegemeyer said...
We think of and pray for you all daily. Love you all.
August 17, 2011 06:02:18
Angel Linda said...
Keeping all you and Leslie's entire situation before the Lord. I'm believing (and praying) that she'll wake up, perk up and be totally restored. Standing with you in spirit hoping you can feel my hugs to you and Leslie. Just taking it all one minute at a time. Hold on to HOPE. Leslie, you're such a fighter, girl, I know you can overcome this. I love you sweet friend! Mike, I'm praying super hard for you as well. This is not an easy thing to go through and my heart is breaking for you, for the kids, and for Leslie. I want you to know that I'm here for YOU as much I've always been there for Leslie. Thank you for your continuing to keep us updated.
August 17, 2011 06:01:44
Peggy said...
My dear sweet Leslie, You are such a fighter I know you can do this, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. I love you so much my friend. I am praying. I love you both. XOXOXO
August 17, 2011 05:34:25
Mary gilbert said...
We are all praying for Leslie and all your family. I think it might be time for some music therapy while she sleeps, download some of your favorite songs and some that make you want to get up and dance then plug in the ear phones. It can't hurt! I know she likes amazing grace. Rest while she rests.
August 17, 2011 05:31:41
randi ryan said...
Love you les :)
August 17, 2011 05:20:00
Donald Cones said...
Leslie couldn't be in better hands. Love you all
August 17, 2011 05:03:22
Brenda Grose said...
Oh my sweet little Leslie... I so wish I could give you some strength and energy so that you can wake up and see us all here for you. We are all your cheerleaders. Mike I too was hoping the fluids would give her that extra boost we were hoping for.. One day at a time. Maybe by tomorrow we will see some improvement. We love you all. God be with you!
August 17, 2011 04:02:48
Becky G. said...
Les, I can picture you right now . . . you're all curled up, resting peacefully in God's right hand while God's got His left arm wrapped tightly around Mike's shoulders. We're still hoping and praying faithfully for heeling, but most of all for God's will.
August 17, 2011 04:00:00
Terrie O. said...
Finally!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU LESLIE AND I BELIEVE! I am wrapping my arms around you and Mike. I am praying for peace and comfort. Smiling at Y'all, Terrie O.
August 17, 2011 03:55:20
Edith said...
Mike you have to give it time - remember, they just put the PIC in last night. It hasn't been a whole day yet. "More awake" is a good sign. I'm hopeful Leslie will wake up soon also. Praying for healing, all the while realizing that God sees the whole picture and loves us more than we love ourselves. "These 3 remain: Faith, Hope & Love, but the greatest of these is Love." 1 Corinthians 13. "Ditto" to what Evelyn said, too. Love you bunches, and I'm praying for the whole family as well, for strength. Keep the faith, Mike, Jenna, Jeff. Blowing kisses for all of you and a few extras for whoever wants to catch them. ((*♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥*))
August 17, 2011 03:52:01
Linda Mayhew said...
I know there is nothing I can say that will make you feel better. Leslie is getting rest and that is better than the frustration of not being able to rest. Mike, you need rest too. I am praying that God's peace with be with you and your family. All of you are in my prayers and in HIS care.
August 17, 2011 03:33:48
Denise said...
Hey there Mike! Hang in there sweetie...your love of your life is resting and sometime soon she will open those big ole beautiful eyes and that smile will be there too... we are all praying for her and we are praying for strength, encouragement, hope and faith for you!! We all love you and hang in there...we are all there with you praying!!
August 17, 2011 03:24:31
Mac and patrt said...
Hang in there mike, leslie will come around. Sending hugs and kisses to you leslie!!!!Love, Patty
August 17, 2011 03:13:02
Evelyn said...
Mike, you have placed Leslie's future and well being in just the right place - in God's hands. He loves her more than anyone. He also loves you more than you can even imagine and He is feeling your pain and looking down with love. Sometimes we may even feel angry with Him when things go badly and He even understands that. His shoulders are really wide and strong. We don't know what the future holds. Leslie may still get better and may be healed completely. God is able. That's what I'm praying for, but I'm also praying for His will to be done and I'm praying for you and your family. Please remember that. Still praying in AL. Love you lots and am proud of all of you! Ev
August 17, 2011 03:06:44
Edna said...
Praying for you, Leslie, asking God for healing and rest. Praying for you, Mike, and thanking God for your care and love for Leslie. Praying for each member of your family, thanking God for each of you.
August 17, 2011 02:54:04
Ginna said...
Im praying morning, noon and night for Leslie, you (Mike) and your entire family. I know God hears all our prayers. Thanks for all your updates. I will just continue to pray as I have been doing all along. Hugs to you all.
August 17, 2011 02:40:30
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