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7:00 - Arrived at hospital

10:15 - Surgery scheduled but didn't happen yet, previous surgery ran long.

12:30 - Leslie finally in to surgery, scheduled for 2 hours

5:30 - Leslie is out of surgery, out of recovery and up in her room.  She's doing well and smiling :)  Haven't had a chance to talk to the surgeon but he told Leslie that things went well.

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After checking in for Leslie's pre-ops, went to the beach and watched the sunset over the ocean.  We even took a few self portraits.


Posted By Mike&Leslie

Just wanted to thank all of you for your support and let you know that Leslie cherishes your comments ("Jesus" even got in on the action, I wonder who His internet service provider is?)

I will keep you updated on Thursdays surgery progress as I get internet access

Posted By Mike&Leslie

We have an update!  It is a go for surgery on Thursday,  January 31st at 10:20 a.m.  Please keep Leslie in your prayers.  She is a little anxious about everything but does feel a peace about it all.  She is strong.  The surgery will be at Sharps Memorial in San Diego and she will be spending one night there and hopefully be home on Friday afternoon.

Again thank you all for your continuous prayers.

Posted By Mike&Leslie

We have a tentative surgery date!  It looks like Leslie will have surgery on Thursday, January 31st.  The surgeons office is waiting on some paper work from the insurance co.  Please pray that all of the paperwork will go smoothly and that they don't have to change the date.  When we get more details next week we will update you and let you know.  We can't thank you enough for your continued prayers.




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