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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!!!  Doot doot doot doot doot dooooooooo..........guess what today is?????  Yes!!!  It is "Opening Ceremonies" for the celebration of my "Birth Month!"  Wooohoooo!!  I LOVE birth month!  You know me.....I think birthday's are awesome!  My birthday isn't until March 26th but the days before sure are fun too!  I can't begin to tell you all how happy I am to be here celebrating another birthday.  It actually makes me happy teary eyed thinking about it. 

We had a great weekend.  Tyler loved the fair!  There was so much commotion all around for him to watch and he was just taking it all in.  My niece Kayanna got 3rd place overall in showmanship.  It was so cool to watch all of the kids showing their animals.  I did eat a lot of fair food too.  It was great seeing so many friends!

Tyler also turned 4 months old yesterday.  Here is a picture of him with his 4 month cupcake.  He is just growing by leaps and bounds.  I treasure each moment with him.  He is so much fun!  He is going to the doctor's today for his 4 month shots.  I already know it is going to be harder on Jenna and me then him.  Actually Jenna does's Nanie that has a hard time.  :)


Tyler 4 months


Well this weekend flew by too fast.   Hope you all had a nice weekend too!  Have a great week!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!!  Thank you God for the many blessings in our life.

Everyday this month I would love for you to comment on something that made you smile during the day.  Even if you have to come back on here later to post it.  I will too.  Let's keep it up for the whole month.  I am sure what ever made you smile will make the rest of us smile too.  :)


Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Saturday morning!!  What a long but great day Mike and I had yesterday.  Everything went real well at Hoag.  All of my skins tests were fine.  We are good to go on Wednesday.

I would like to wish my beautiful niece Kayanna a big "Happy 18th Birthday!!" today.  Here is Tyler wishing you Happy Birthday too. 

Kayanna BDay

 We are headed to the fair today.  My niece Kayanna and my nephew Cyrus are showing their 4-H feeder calves as well as so many other kids that we know and we want to be there to cheer them on.  It might rain....but a little rain never hurt anyone.  Poor kids will be muddy.  Can't wait to have a corn dog and funnel cake!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!  Thank you again for keeping me in your prayers.  I so appreciate it!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!  Thank you God for love!

Have you ever won one of those BIG stuffed animals at a fair?  Yes I did when I was in High School.

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!!    First of all thank you all very much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.  I sure felt them!  I had some anxiety yesterday as we were driving to the hospital.

Well everything went pretty good .  I did not have the first vaccine shot yet though.  Yesterday believe it or not, it took 3 hours to get extensive blood work and 3 skin tests done.  The first skin test they did was a DTH test (Delayed-type hypersensitivity) which was made with my cells (that is what took so long.....they don't start making it until you get there) and that one hurt a lot!  OUCH!  This was done in the lab at the cancer center.  Then off I went to the hospitals main lab for a candida skin test and a trichophyton skin test (they didn't hurt as much).  Mike and I then have to go back up on Friday and have the skin tests read (which should take a whole 2 minutes) and then I go back on Wednesday March 3rd for my first melanoma vaccine.  My arm is all marked up with sharpie and regular pen so they know what is what for Friday.  I can't wash my right arm for 2 days.  I can tell you that all 3 of them look pretty good to me.  So far so good. 

So we still don't know yet how I am going to react to the vaccine until I get my first shot on Wednesday.  I am so glad that yesterday is over.  I got poked 4 times with a needle and that is more then enough for me.  The staff at Hoag were very warm and welcoming and so very nice.

We will be heading back up to San Diego tonight to stay the night again at my sister's and then off to Hoag Friday morning.  Thank goodness there isn't any school on Friday for the Imperial kids so I am not taking another day off from work.  For those of you that don't live here, Friday is the first day of our local "California Fair" and the kids in Imperial have no school.  My family plans on going Saturday if the weather holds up.  Suppose to rain that day so we will see.

I want to give a big "Happy Birthday" wish to my friend Michelle Sexton!!  Have an awesome day today Michelle!!

Here is another picture of my sweet little guy......when we got home last night we went by Jenna and Ryan's so I could get my "Tyler fix" and Jenna had dinner for us.  Thanks Jen!


Tyler 25


Because I will be gone Friday I won't be blogging again until Saturday morning.  Have a super day everyone!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!!  Thank you God for my family and all that they do for me!

Favorite Fair food????  I always have to at least eat  a corn dog when I am there.  Mike and I can seriously eat our way through the bad for you......but taste's sooooo good!  It is only once a year so why not??

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Hi there everyone!!  I just got home and wanted to let you know that all went well today.  Thank you all SO MUCH for your prayers.  I will give you more details on what went on today, tomorrow morning.

Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!!!

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Good morning! How is everyone today?? I have a couple of pictures to share with you.  My sweet friend Shelly Osuna made me a cute little note book a couple of years ago and I use it to write down all of the prayer requests that I get and pray for and praises for answered prayers.  I would update it frequently and believe it or not it was full.  Now I know I could make one of these myself but I told Shelly I needed her to make me a new one because the first one was so special to me (a treasure) and so it had to come from her again.  What a sweetie to make me a new one.  Here it is.....isn't she awesome?? And she made me a bookmark too!  I LOVE it Shelly.....THANKS!!!!  In a couple of years I will be asking you to make me one again!  :)


Prayer Book


Of course I have to throw in a picture of Goobie!  I forgot to show you this one.  This is on Valentine's day in his "First Valentine's Day" outfit.


Tyler 27


Well Mike and I are off to San Diego tonight to spend the night at my sister's house.  We will be getting up early Wednesday to head to Hoag hospital in Huntington Beach.  My appointment is at 9:30.  I will receive my first melanoma vaccine injection (can you believe it?) and have a couple of skin tests done too.  It is about a 2 1/2 hour ordeal.  They won't start making the vaccine until they physically see me.  It takes time to make it.  Then they will inject it into me and I have to wait an hour so they can watch and make sure that I don't have a reaction to it. 

I thank God that they got enough of my cells to make this and that I am actually blessed enough to be a part of what they believe is a beginning of a break through in a cure for melanoma cancer.  I am asking you all to pray for lots of things.  1. For a safe trip to and from.  2. That Mike and I continue to have peace.  3. That the vaccine works for me!!!!  4. That I don't have a reaction to the vaccine or feel sick.  5.  That through this God will get all the glory.

I won't be blogging tomorrow morning but will try to give an update when I get home tomorrow night.  If not, for sure Thursday morning.

THANKS for all the uplifting prayers!  I sure am feeling them!  Have a terrific day everyone.  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!  Thank you God for miracles everyday!

Do you play any computer games??  If so, which ones? 



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