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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning everyone!  Yesterday was an ugly day for the Gilbert/Middleton family.  I don't know where to begin.  I guess I'll start with me.  "Anxiety" reared its ugly head yesterday with me.  I had the worst anxiety attack that I have ever had on the way to the Doctors yesterday.  So bad that my sister had to pull over on the side of a major freeway to let me out guessed it, get sick.  I am not sure why I am having so much anxiety lately but am praying that it goes away soon.  In the meantime my daughter Jenna and son in law Ryan have been really sick.  They tried to make a Dr. appointment Monday but the soonest they could get in was Wednesday.  Well they didn't make it.  Both ended up in the emergency room yesterday because they were so sick.  Unfortunately for them it is a nasty virus that they have and they have to let it run its course.  Please keep them in your prayers.  During this time my hubby Mike sees that his daughter needs help and comfort but can't get near her or Ryan for fear that he will catch what they have and give it to me....and this is one I cannot get.  He can't comfort me because I am 100 miles away.  He was feeling pretty down, frustrated  and useless yesterday.  My son Jeff is okay though!  He told me on the phone last night that he had felt a real burden to pray for all of us yesterday and now he knows why.

But there is a good side to all of this, my checkup with the Dr. went great.  He said that he is very proud of me and all of the progress that I have made.  He feels very encouraged and told me that my anxiety is very normal.  Jenna and Ryan will eventually get better and Mike is coming up tonight to see me and to take me home tomorrow.

Another note about my anxiety....I think God allows us to go through certain things so that when we help people down the road we have a better understanding of what they are going through and can help them get better.  I have learned much through out all of this ordeal.  God IS getting me through this and is teaching me much.  He is my rock and He is answering all of our prayers.

Thank you for being my faithful prayer warriors.  Have a great day.  God is Good!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Morning!!  I didn't mean to leave you all in suspense yesterday.....honestly I was just to tired to type anymore.  :)  But this is my good news......My daughter Jenna is graduating from college on May 24th......a definite milestone in her life that I had been looking forward to and did not want to miss.  Well my next chemo treatment is scheduled for May 20th and 21st so there was no possible way for me to make her graduation.  I was very sad but accepted it.  The clinical trial program I am on is very strict so I thought that there would be no way for me to move the date earlier but.......I talked to my doctor and he definitely wants me to make her graduation so he moved my next chemo treatment dates to May 15th and 16th!  I am so happy about that!  It buys me enough time to recuperate enough to be able to sit there for awhile.  Even if I have to go in a wheelchair, I really want to make it.  I am not kidding myself....I know the last round will be tough, but you all are my prayer warriors so I would appreciate it very much if you could pray that I am able to make it.

I have a Doctor appointment with my oncologist this morning for a full check up and lab work.  I will let you all know how that goes. 

I treasure your comments!!  Thanks everyone!

Have an awesome day!  God is Good!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Morning!  This is the first morning where I have even felt like looking at the computer.  This 3rd round kicked me in the behind more then the other two did.  Today I am back down to taking just my one oral chemo medicine instead of I should start to feel a little better each day.  Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers!  Thanks for keeping me encouraged!  I love you all and appreciate you so much!  What a blessing and lifesaver my sister and mom have been.  They take care of my every need, every minute of the day or night.  I don't know what I would of done without them.  I am starting to get an appetite back so I am back to the same agenda.......taking it easy and eating.  I have some good news about my 4th round chemo date that I will share with you tomorrow.  Have a great day!

God is so Good!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Hello- Monica the sister is blogging for Mike and Leslie today.  Mike is back home in Imperial and Leslie is staying with mom and I until Thursday.  Leslie and I drove to the park yesterday to watch the dogs play.  That was our big outing for the day.  Last night was okay but it was a rough night.  Please pray for sleep and the side effects to go away.  She has a bad headache right now, but as many of you that know Leslie, she is still in good spirits.  We cherish and are thankful for holding Leslie and our family up in prayer during this time.  We know that God is anwering those prayers!  Praise God for a beautiful Sunday morning!!  I might sing some hymnals to Leslie this morning since we won't be able to make it to church!  I know she will appreciate that : ).....

God is good!!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

It is a beautiful Saturday morning here in San Diego.  We are hoping to get Leslie out in the sunshine for awhile today.  She slept okay last night but is still feeling sick from the treatments.  That should improve some by Monday.  Jenna was on her way up to spend the weekend with Leslie, but woke up sick this morning and won't be able to come.  Jeff is holding down the fort for us while we are gone.  I will be back in the Valley tomorrow and come back up on Thursday to pick up Leslie and take her home.  Again, thank you for keeping Leslie in your prayers.  Please pray that some of the side effects will wear off today.

God is Good!



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