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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Saturday morning!!  It was great to sleep in this morning.  What is everyone up to this weekend?  We have another busy weekend planned.  The Gilbert/Middleton/Cones/Hoolsema families are all getting together today for our official Easter dinner since we didn't get a chance to do it last Sunday.  (we were traveling back from El Golfo)  You know us.....any excuse to get together to eat and celebrate we will.  I was also determined to have my own little Easter egg hunt with Tyler too.  I will let you all know how that goes with him.  So this morning I will be happily cooking away in my kitchen for our dinner. 

Did you all get a chance to watch William and Kate's wedding?  I did yesterday afternoon.  I thought that Kate looked beautiful.  It was fun seeing so many ladies yesterday wearing fancy hats in honor of the wedding.  I actually know someone who went to London to be a part of the crowd.  She is having a blast!

Here is a picture of Tyler playing in the sand around our camp site, filling up his cup with rocks and dumping them into his new dump truck that his Great Papa Frank and Great Grandma Jodi bought him for our beach trip.

Golfo 16 

He is pleased to have his dump truck all full.

Golfo 17
A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Angel Linda Morgan on her commissioning on Sunday!!  You have worked so very hard for this and we are all proud of you!  After Sunday you have to start signing Pastor Angel Linda!  WooHoo!  I wish I could be there to see you but I will definitely be there with you in spirit.  We all can't wait to hear all about it.

Prayer requests:  Continued prayer for those who have been affected by the tornadoes.  Pray for quick restoration and for peace and comfort. 

Philippians 4 verse 8b:  Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right.  Think about things that are pure and lovely, and dwell on the fine, good things in others.  Think about all you can praise God for and be glad about.

Read the bible in a year:  Today......1 Chronicles 1 - 2.  Sunday.....1 Chronicles.....3 - 5.  Monday......1 Chronicles 6.

Have a super day and weekend everyone!  See you on Monday!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!

Question.........Do you drink whole milk, 2 %, 1 % or non-fat??  Jeff and Mike are total whole milk drinkers.  I use to be 2% but have had to convert to whole milk to try to keep weight on.  I don't like to drink milk by itself but I love to eat cereal.

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It's not the things that can be bought that are life's richest treasures;  It's just the little "heart gifts" that money cannot measure.  A cheerful smile, a friendly word, a sympathetic nod are priceless little treasures from the storehouse of our God.  They are the things that can't be bought with silver or with gold, for thoughfulness and kindness and love are never sold.  They are the priceless things in life for which no one can pay, and the giver finds rich recompense in giving them away.------Helen Steiner Rice

Good Friday morning!!  I am ready for the weekend!  I hope everyone has been having a good week.  I can't believe that Casey was eliminated on American Idol last night.  I liked him.  I am sad to see him go.  My prediction was totally wrong.  Goes to show you what I know.  At least James, Lauren and Scotty are still there.  The others are good too but I like them the best.  Now we are down to 5.

More beach pics.  Mike, Tyler and I playing around on the beach.

Golfo 13 

Ryan and Tyler horsing around.

Golfo 14 

Jenna, Papa Frank and Mike.

Golfo 15 

I would like to wish a very "Happy Birthday" to two ladies today.  Happy Birthday Edna Clary and Amy Bonillas!  Have a super fun day and weekend!!

Tyler turned 18 months yesterday!  Time sure if flying by!

Prayer requests:  Please keep in your prayer all of the people who have been affected by the terrible tornadoes.  Pray they get the help they need soon and for comfort and strength to the families who have lost a loved one or have completely lost everything they own.

2 Corinthians 1 verses 2 - 4:  May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ mightily bless each one of you, and give you peace.  What a wonderful God we have--he is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the source of every mercy, and the one who so wonderfully comforts and strengthens us in our hardships and trials.  And why does he do this?  So that when others are troubled, needing our sympathy and encouragement, we can pass on to them this same help and comfort God has given us.

Read the bible in a year:  Today......2 Kings 23 - 25.  Saturday.....1 Chronicles 1 - 2.

Have a fantabulous day everyone!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!!

Question......Did you watch the Royal wedding?  I turned my TV on this morning so I could see what Kate's dress looked like.  I will watch the highlights of the wedding when I get home this afternoon.

Posted By Mike&Leslie

"Because God is with you all the time, no place is any closer to God than the place where you are right now."

Good Thursday morning!!  I am so completely inspired by all of you.  You keep me so uplifted!  The tremendous support and outpouring of love for me and my family has been awesome.  I am so thankful for all the kind and thoughtful things you have said or done for us.  I feel all of your prayers and I know for a fact that your faithful prayers are what is keeping me going and getting me through.  I keep my HOPE and faith in God who already has helped me every step of the way and I know without a doubt that there is a purpose and a plan for all of this.  I can feel the direction this is leading me.  My heartfelt prayer request right now would be for strength to get through next week, that I will be healed from this cancer and that God would continue to provide for our needs.  As you know, medical expenses are ridiculous.

Who is going to be eliminated from American Idol tonight?  My guess would be either Haley or Jacob.  I think they all sing great but my favs are James (who I think will win), Casey, Scotty and Lauren.  We shall see tonight.

More beach trip pics:  Tyler looking at his name in the sand. 

Golfo 10 

Tyler happily posing next to I love mom sign in the sand.

Golfo 11 

Tyler & Jen next to El Golfo 2011.  This will be the cover picture when I scrapbook this trip. 

Golfo 12 

@ Aunt MaryAnn....yes, Tyler is just about always this happy.  He has had a meltdown or two every now and then but he is genuinely a happy little guy all the time. 

Prayer requests:  Please keep in your prayers someone who is going through a tough change in their life and needs our prayers for strength and protection.  Pray for God's direction and guidance in their life.  Also keep in your prayers those that are still looking for a job. Also keep little Alexandrea in you prayers that her sight will be restored.  They still don't know for sure yet if it is permanent.

Romans 12: verse 12:  Be glad for all God is planning for you.  Be patient in trouble, and prayerful always.

Read the bible in a year:  Today......2 Kings 20 - 22.  Friday.......2 Kings 23 - 25.

Have  a super day everyone!  Today is another precious gift from God and He is so Good!

Question:  Favorite flavor of ice cream?  I like moose tracks.

Posted By Mike&Leslie

"There are hundreds of languages in the world but a smile speaks them all."

Good Wednesday morning!  Dr. Lean's office called yesterday and I now have dates for my Cyber Knife procedure.  Unfortunately I have to do the treatment 3 times.  I was hoping for 1 but after all the test results came back it was decided that I would be doing 3.  I will be having it done in Vista on May 4th, 5th and 6th.  That works out really well for me because then I have the weekend to recover.  Mike and I will be heading up to San Diego next Tuesday night and staying with my sister and brother-in-law through Friday. I will continue to blog during that time with updates on how it is going.  I very much appreciate your prayers. Please pray that this works and kills all the cancer and that this will be it.  I am incredibly thankful that they have this technology to help me fight this. 

Here are more pics from our beach trip.  Here is Tyler happily getting a ride on his Uncle Greg's shoulders.

Golfo 07 

Jenna, Tyler, me and my niece Kayanna.

Golfo 08
Mike and his Dad.

Golfo 09 

Prayer requests:  Please pray for the Lyon/Brown family for peace and comfort over the passing of Cynthia Brown.  Pray for Sharon Ryan (Randi Ryan's mother-in-law) who had a heart attack on Monday.  Pray that she has a speedy recovery.  Also pray for my brother-in-law Mark who had knee surgery.  Pray that he heals quickly too.  Also an anonymous request for someone who is going through a difficult situation right now.  Pray that it will get better soon.

Lamentations 3 verses 21 - 26:  Yet there is one ray of hope: his compassion never ends.  It is only the Lord's mercies that have kept us from complete destruction.  Great is his faithfulness; his lovingkindness begins afresh each day.  My soul claims the Lord as my inheritance; therefore I will hope in him.  The Lord is wonderfullly good to those who wait for him, to those who seek for him.  It is good both to hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.

Read the bible in a year:  Today.....2 Kings 18 - 19.  Thursday.....2 Kings 20 - 22.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!

Question......Do you wear glasses or contacts?  Yes I do wear glasses for reading.

Posted By Mike&Leslie

"Life is full of beauty.  Notice it.  Notice the bumble bee, the small child and the smiling faces.  Smell the rain and feel the wind.  Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams."

Good Tuesday morning!!  Ahhh......yesterday was my first day back to work in almost a couple of weeks.  I missed the kids and staff and it was great to see everyone.  The kids were very excited to tell me all about their Easter and what the Easter Bunny brought them and all about their egg hunts.  Sounds like a great time was had by all. 

I didn't get a chance to talk to you about the American Idol elimination on Thursday night.  I didn't even know who they kicked off until I returned on Sunday.  I wasn't disappointed at all with Stefano leaving.  But now it is down to the last 6 and it is going to be hard to see them start going.  They are all such good singers in such different catagories.  I really like 3 of them and wish all 3 could win.  I have a strong feeling who is going to win.  We shall see.

Here are some more pictures of our trip to the beach.  This one is of Jenna, Tyler and Ryan walking along the beach.

Golfo 04 

Here is Mike and I walking with Tyler along the beach.  He was always such a happy camper.

Golfo 05
Here is Ryan, Tyler and Poppi playing in the water.

Golfo 06 

I was so thankful for each and every moment on this trip.  I appreciate all the little things and try not to take anything for granted.  Being by the ocean and looking out at the water brings such peace to me and I am in awe of the beauty and power of it.  The sunsets were so beautiful.  God sure does paint a beautiful picture everyday no matter where we are or live. 

I would like to wish a very "Happy Birthday" to my brother-in-law Mark today!  Hope you have a relaxing great day Mark!

Prayer requests: For a young brave man named Josh who was serving in our military in Afghanistan and last week he lost both of his legs and some fingers in an explosion.  Pray for his strength and healing both physically and emotionally.  Pray for his family too.  Thank you so much.

Colossians 2 verses 6 - 7:  And now just as you trusted Christ to save you, trust him, too, for each day's problems; live in vital union with him.  Let your roots grow down into him and draw up nourishment from him.  See that you go on growing in the Lord, and become strong and vigorous in the truth you were taught.  Let your lives overflow with joy and thanksgiving for all he has done.

Read the bible in a year:  Today.....2 Kings 15 - 17.  Wednesday.....2 Kings 18 - 19.

Have a terrific day everyone!!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!!

Question: Have you ever found a sand dollar before on the beach?  I have, but on this trip I didn't.  Everyone knew I was looking for one and two people found one for me.  Pretty cool!



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