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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning! is the last day of June.  The year is flying by!  Before you know it we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I actually start thinking about Christmas in August.  You know me.....I like to have all of my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving.  This year is going to be extra special because we will have our new grandson with us. 

Well I have to lay low this week and rest a bunch and see if my levels will improve.  I will go back to the hospital on Monday and have blood work done again.  With booster shots I hope to see some improvement.  I am not as bummed about it today as I was yesterday.  Thank you for keeping me in your prayers.  God is teaching me much.

How is the "sending a card to someone" going??  I am going to get a couple sent out today.  Come on everyone.......we can make a difference in someone's day.......lets do it!!!!

I am going to spend as much time as I can today with Jeff before he leaves tomorrow.  I think he has everything he needs for his trip to Tokyo.  Now he just needs to start packing.  I will miss him and my sister terribly.  Monica says she can e-mail me pictures all the time from her phone.  Can't wait to share them here with you too.

Have an awesome day!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!

What was the last amusement park that you went to????  Ours was Universal Studios......before that, Disneyland.

Posted By Mike&Leslie

UPDATE:  Well the good Lord has other plans for me right now and getting chemo is not one of them.  My levels are still at rock fact some of them dropped even more.  The lab called the Drs. office to give him the report and I still haven't heard from them yet.  Yes......I can't lie........I am a little bummed.   I will be okay though.  I know God knows what is best for me and we will finish this chemo when it is meant to be.  Could you please keep me in your prayers.....especially for strength.  Thank you!!  Love you!!


Good morning!!  How are you?  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  Well today I head up to the hospital to get my blood work done and see if my blood levels are good enough to start back on my chemo tomorrow.  I really hope that they are.  I will come back on here this afternoon and give you an update on the results of my tests.  Thanks everyone for continuing to pray for my levels.  I am in the home stretch now and I sure hope they are good enough for me to start so I can get this finished.

There has been so many things happening with so many people lately and I really think it is time again to send a card to someone.  Everyone who reads this blog has been so awesome in doing this.  So my challenge is on again for you to send out a card or two to someone who needs cheering up, or a thinking of you, or just a Hello, or get well, etc.  So many people right now need our encouragement and they need hope.  Some of you have sent cards to someone I know and it totally made their day.  So come on everyone........let's make someones day.  Next time you are at Target, Wal-Mart or the grocery store pick up a card and send it out. Or better yet.....if you have kids that are bored right now with the summer break, whip out the craft supplies and have them make a card.  How cute would that be?  Only takes a minute.  Thanks!!!

Have a great day and I'll come back on here later with an update.  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!

"This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.  John 15:12

Your favorite?????  Bacon, lettuce & tomato or grilled cheese sandwich??  I think I will have to go with the BLT.

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Good Sunday morning!!   Our family had a blast in the mountains yesterday.  It was beautiful up there and we had a nice and relaxing day.  We made it over to the town of Julian too and bought some of their famous pies. We ate good.   It seems like anything that is cooked outside tastes even better!  We were grateful to get out of the heat for one day and enjoy the cooler mountain weather. 

Today we are off to church and then will start getting Jeff ready for his trip to Tokyo, Japan.  Yes, he and my sister Monica are leaving the middle of next week for 10 days to Tokyo.  It is a place where Jeff has always wanted to visit and they are both looking forward to going.  Monica has some great friends that live over there that will be their tour guides so they are all set.  I am super happy and excited for them both.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!  What are you up to?  Today is another gift and God is so Good!

If you could own a home in the mountains or one at the beach, which one would you choose?

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Good Saturday morning!!!  We are packing up and getting ready to head to the mountains for the day.  The Gilbert Gang is all up there camping  and we are going to hang with them today.  It is always super fun when the family gets together. 

Have a great Saturday and a fun day!  You know me....I'll take lots of pics today and try to post some tomorrow.

Still happy dancing here and giving all the praise and glory to God!!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!

What did you have for breakfast today??

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Happy Friday morning!  Can I tell you how  excited we are in my family for the wonderful news on the test results we received on Monday?  I am still trying to wrap my brain around it all (no pun intended).  Still smiling and happy dancing and praising God here!!  Will you please keep praying that my blood levels will shoot up so I won't have to delay my chemo treatments?  I am doing a lot of resting during the day in hopes that it will help.  I know God will have me do everything in his perfect is just so hard sometimes to be patient.  We will know on Monday how my levels look.

Had a great time last night at my daughter Jenna's house with some girl friends.  Nothing like good food,  good friends and lots of laughter!

I want to wish my brother Donald a very "Happy Birthday" today!!!  Oohh I know what you are getting for your birthday and you are going to love it!!  Have a super fun day!!!

We are going to get ready today to go on a trip to the mountains tomorrow.  The Gilbert side of the family is up there camping and we are going to join them for the day.  Can't wait to hang out with them and enjoy a cooler day.

Here is a picture of Mike with Jenna, Ryan and Jeff on Father's Day.  These are the loves of my life!  Too bad you can't see Jenna's growing belly in there.  I will get a picture of her sideways soon so you can see how much she has grown.  I have been taking a picture of her belly every 4 weeks.

Have a fantastic Friday!!  Hope you have a super weekend too.  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!

Where did you go on your last vacation???



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