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Wanted to give a big shout out and wish a very BIG Happy Birthday to my sweet son-in-law Ryan today!   Also want to wish Sierra Vanleeuwen a Happy Birthday today too.  And while we were on the cruise we celebrated my hubby Mike's Birthday and my brother-in-law Bryan's birthday!  July is a popular month in our family!  Oh and more.....our dear friend Nick Sulli's too!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!  Wow....God is Good!!

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Good morning!  Just wanted to hop on here real quick and ask for a prayer request.  I am still having a side effect issue from one of the chemo drugs that I took and I would like to ask for prayer that it will go away and it won't be permanent.  It is so awesome that I can come on here and ask you all to pray.  God is listening and answering and you are all my amazing prayer warriors!  Thank you all so much!

Also......I hate took everything I had in me to stand next to it for the picture.  Notice I am the only one not touching it!  :)

Have a great day!  God is Good!!

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Good morning! I am finished unpacking from my trip but I still have lots of laundry to catch up with.  Hopefully will finish it today.  Here is a little run down about my trip......

Bahamas was the first stop and it was gorgeous!  We swam on a private beach there.  The water is crystal clear turquoise blue and the sand is snow white powder on the beaches.  We went on a guided nature walk tour and we also went on a stingray encounter.  It was so cool snorkling with and being able to touch and feed the stingrays.

St. Thomas was the second stop and we signed up to do a sail and snorkel adventure.  We were taken out by a catamaran to a place called shipwreck cove.  This was so much fun.  We saw all kinds of fish and turtles and actually did see a sunken ship.  Our guide dove down and brought back up really cool sea creatures for us to hold.  The scenery was so beautiful!

Puerto Rico was the third stop.  We toured the city of San Juan which took us to several fun places.  After the tour we went shopping and saw all the beautiful things that the locals made.

Grand Turk Islands was our 4th stop.  We went to the beautiful beach and snorkled, then went into a tiny town and had lunch and toured some stores and saw more things that the local natives make. 

We loved each place we stopped at and had a blast.  The days that we were out to sea were also a lot of fun.  The ship has lots to do and it was a great way to spend time with our big group of family.  And yes....we ate really well!  That is just a little glimpse of what we did.  There is so much more but this would turn into a novel.  I am so thankful for the awesome time we had and it is a trip that I will never forget!  God is Good!

I won't be blogging everyday anymore.  Just a couple times a week.  If you have a question for me leave it in the comment section and I will check it often and answer you.  Have a super day!

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Here are a couple of pics that we took on our trip.  One is of my son-in-law Ryan, daughter Jenna, Hubby Mike, son Jeff and me at a snake show.

The other one is off a catamaran that we took out to snorkle in St. Thomas.  I took a ton of scenic beach pics but can't decide which one I am using for Christmas so can't show those to you yet.  Enjoy!

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Good morning!!  We are back!!!!!  It is so good to be home.  The cruise was amazing and the ports that we stopped in were breath takingly beautiful.  The Bahamas was the most beautiful of them all.  I will try to get a picture or two posted on here later.  We did not get home until1:00 a.m. so my suitcases still need to be unloaded.  I am also trying to get my body back to west coast time.

We also came home to very sad news that is just breaking our hearts.  My sweet dog Smokey died while we were gone.  So while I am very excited to tell you more about the heart is very sad and broken.  i cried all last night.  She was my buddy who stayed by my side through out my whole chemo experience.  We will miss her so much!

Hope you all had a great week.  Can't wait to catch up with everyone. What did I miss?  God is good!

(I will write more about the trip later.)



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