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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!  I want to wish everyone a very fun and relaxing 3 day weekend!  Mine will be very busy!  What are your plans?  I also want to remind everyone to send out a card to someone who needs a 'Hello' or 'encouragement' or 'thinking of you' or for someone in the military etc....The response to this has been great and I appreciate everyone who is doing it!  Just takes a minute to buy and another one to send.  Thanks! 

No news yet on my treatment.  Will see my Oncologist on Thursday.  Thanks for your continuous prayers.  My first week back to work has been going great.


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Good evening!  No I did not start my treatments yesterday.  I still don't know what the hold up is but I figure that it is in God's hands and He is in control of the situation.  All I know is that it is a situation between my Oncologist in San Diego, the Oncologist here and the insurance co.   I see my oncologist on September 4th so I am sure it will be settled then.  I will keep you posted.  Please pray that they resolve this soon.  At this point I probably won't start for another 2 weeks because it has to be 5 days in a row and this Monday is a holiday.   Hope you all are having a good week!  Work is going great for me!  God is Good!!!

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Good afternoon!  I want to wish the best sister in the world a very "Happy Birthday"  today!!  Hope you are having a great day Monica!!!

School started today with the kids and it was great!  I am soooooo glad to be back to work and have a normal routine again.  Thanks for the warm welcome Waggoner staff! 

I am still  waiting to see if I start my treatments today or not.  It is a back and forth game right now between the two oncologists office.  Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

Have a great rest of the day!  God is Good!!!!

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Good morning!  My first day back to work was great!  The Imperial Unified School District is the best staff to work with.  They so warmly welcomed me back and I must of received at least 1000 hugs!  I just know that this will be an awesome school year.

I won't know until Monday morning if I will be starting my treatments for the neuropathy that afternoon.  If all goes well and they get everything they need.....then yes I will be starting.  I will keep you posted.

Jonathan are a sweetheart, a wonderful friend, and you did such a great job on my story.  Thanks so much!  For those of you that don't know, Jonathan interviewed me this week for me to tell my story and it is in the local newspaper (Imperial Valley Press-Women of Imperial Valley insert) today.

Hope you all have a super weekend!  Relax.......and have some fun!  God is Good!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

It is my first day back to work!  Yeeaaahhhh!!  I am so excited.  Today is full of meetings and getting things ready.  The kids start on Monday.  It feels so good to be going back!  Still don't know  when I will start the treatments yet for my neuropathy.  Should hear something today.  Will keep you posted when I find out.  Thanks for praying!  Have an awesome day everyone!  God is Good!!!!



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