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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all of the many sweet phone calls and comments on my hair.  You all really know how to make a girl feel good!  Aaahhhhh....what a blessing it is to have so many wonderful family and friends.

Today is the last day of September!  Wow!  I will be throwing up all of my fall decorations this evening and tomorrow.  I just love fall and am so jealous of all of you who live where you get to see all of the beautiful fall folage.  One of these years we are going to take a trip up to the New England area during fall and see all of the beautiful colors!

The acupuncture is working!  I am feeling some relief!

I want to wish a dear friend of mine Brenda Grose a very Happy Birthday!  (a little late)  It was so awesome to talk to you last night!  Her dad (Bill Cartwright) is doing well.  Please keep him in your prayers.  He has another scan coming up soon.  My next full body PET scan will be at the end of October.

Have a terrific day!  God is so Good!!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good evening!  Well this is the picture of me with my VERY short hair.  It is what has grown out since the chemo ended in June.   I do not like my hair at all....but it will grow back and I am so THANKFUL  that I am alive.  God has blessed me so much so I really don't have one thing to complain about.  It is growing in dark too.  As soon as it is long enough I will be going blonde again.  My hair dresser said I have to grow it a few more inches first.  The only good thing I have discovered about  my hair is that it is so easy and fast to do in the mornings.  I get asked all the time now if I will grow my hair long again and the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!!

Our family had a great day.  My son Jeff had a karate belt testing today.  He did great and now has his green belt.  The Sensei then had a big party at his house afterwards.  Very fun.

Hope everyone is having fun this weekend and enjoying time with family.  God is Good!!




Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good afternoon everyone!  I just got back from my 3rd acupuncture treatment.  It went well.  He put even more needles in this time and left them in longer.  I really do think that it is working.  Between the acupuncture and your prayers I just have so much faith that it will be healed.

I am still trying to get use to my hair. It is going to take me a while.   I have been blessed by wonderful and loving family, friends and co-workers who tell me they just love it.  I will try to get a picture taken this weekend and post it.  When I went to work yesterday the first little girl that I saw came up to me and said "Oh Mrs. look so beautiful."  After that I was like..... okay...... I can face the day now.

I also want to remind you to send a card to someone who you know could really use some encouragement, a get well,  just a good laugh or a thinking of you card.  There are some pretty funny ones out there right now too.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!  God is so Good!



Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good afternoon!  I am very happy today because my San Diego Chargers won last night!  Yeah!!!  It is about time.  I still have high hopes that we will be in the Super Bowl this year!

I am sad today too.  I finally had the rest of what was left of my semi long hair cut off today.  It is VERY short.  Only about 1 1/2 inches long.  It is what has grown out since the chemo ended in June.  It is coming in very thick again which I am grateful.  I have just never had short hair before and this is extremely short.  I cried on my way home from the beauty shop.  Yes I am mourning the loss of all of my hair.  I know it will grow fast and be back in no time AND I am so thankful that I am alive and well.  I guess it is just one of the things you have to go through in this journey.  When I get brave enough I will take a picture and post it on here.

I am encouraged to know that even though we sometimes may be given more than we can handle, we never will be given more than God can handle!

Have a great evening!  God is Good!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Sunday evening everyone!  I hope you have had a great weekend!   Mine was great.  Just went by way too fast!  I wanted to let you all know that I think the acupuncture treatments are working.  I feel a teensy weensy bit better.  I have tremendous faith and hope that it will heal.  Thanks to all of you that have been keeping me in your prayers and continue to pray for me.  A day has not passed me by that I don't run into someone or get a call from someone that I haven't spoken to in a while,  that say they are praying for me.  What encouagement for me!  Can't begin to tell you how much it is appreciated!

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall.  I love it!  On October 1st my house will be covered in Fall decorations.  Yep....I already bought a pumpkin too.  I have also already started my Christmas shopping!  (I know...I know....but I am always done with my shopping by Thanksgiving!)

Have an awesome week!  God is Good!!

Never forget we have a God who loves to do the improbable and specializes in the impossible.



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