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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!!  Last day of went by fast.  I need to have my son and hubby start hauling in all of my fall decorations so I can decorate the inside and outside of my house for fall and Halloween.  Fall is by far my favorite season but Christmas is my favorite holiday.

I am soooooo bored!!  :)  (I know I won't be saying that next week!)  Daytime TV is terrible......I read but don't want to do it all day........and sure there is plenty of stuff and projects to do around my house but I am not motivated to do any of it.  I did clean out my kitchen pantry and refridgerator.   I am motivated to go back to work and go back to working with the kids!!!!  Can you tell I have cabin fever? :)   I am praying that my levels look great tomorrow.  God is in control.

I have watched a ton of Food network since I have been home and I think I should be a culinary graduate now. Ha!  Since I have felt better I have been cooking a lot!!  I do love having the time to make all sorts of new recipes.

Today I am keeping busy though.  Jeff is taking me to lunch and grocery shopping and to run a few errands.  Then I am going to start making a few cards for Halloween.  We will see how far I get on that.

Thanks for all of the prayer requests yesterday.  I am praying.  Thanks also for some updates yesterday on people I have been praying for.  Please pray for Terrie Olstowski's daughter Alexa.  She has been put on bedrest for the next couple of weeks with her pregnancy.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!  Thank you God for miracles!!!!

What did you have for dinner last night?  I made chicken cordon bleu, pesto salad and corn.

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!!   How are you? Thank you all for the very sweet comments yesterday.  You know how to make a girl feel great!!  Especially one that just finished chemo not too long ago.   I have some pictures to share of Jeff's brown belt testing.  This is towards the end of the testing.  This is Sensei George Miranda and Jeff sparring.


Karate 1

More blocking and sparring.

Karate 2

Jeff receiving his brown belt.

Karate 3

A big congratulations at the end from his Sensei.

Karate 4
I am a proud mom!  His next step will be a black belt.  Some of you may not know that I am a brown belt in karate and Mike is a black belt.  We love this sport.  Great way to stay in shape and Sensei George is the best teacher you will find.  I hope that after the beginning of the year that I will be able to start working out again.

Jenna only has 4-5 weeks left till little Tyler makes his appearance into the world.  She is doing really well.  This Saturday is her first baby shower.  She has another one the following Saturday and her work is throwing her one too.  From here on out it will be very busy for our family. My sister Monica also has bridal showers too.  Wow.......Jenna's baby and Monica's wedding........I already need rest....ha ha......NOT!

Will you please pray that my blood levels are back in range?  I have my next blood test this Thursday to check.  I know that I sound like a broken record but I am so ready to be back to work.  Thank you all for keeping me in your prayers.

Any prayer requests???  Please let me know.  Trust me.....I have tons of time to pray and I do.  E-mail me at  You could also post it in the comments if you want all the prayer warriors here to pray too.

Have an awesome day!!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!  Thank you God for miracles!!

Given a chance would you bungee jump or skydive??  My answer....No WAY!!!



Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Monday morning!!  How was your weekend?  I had a very nice weekend.  On Saturday, Marga, one of my best friends from High School, was married in a beautiful ceremony Saturday.  Marga was also the maid of honor at my wedding 27 years ago.  Here we are at her reception.  Isn't she gorgeous!

MW-Marga & Les.jpg

It was like a mini reunion for me.  This is Edna, another friend from high school.

MW-Les & Edna

This is Marga's brother Ken.

MW-Ken & Les

This is Marga's other brother John and his beautiful wife Dawnetta.

MW-John, Dawnetta & Les

Last but not least here is me and my handsome hubby Mike.

MW-Mike & Les
We had a great time and these pics are for all the people that read my blog that went to high school with me and for my family who remember all of these friends.  What a blast from the past! :)  It was sooooo wonderful to go somewhere for fun after being down and stuck in the house for so long!  We are still praying like crazy that my blood counts are back to normal this week so I can return to working with the kids next week.  I am sooooooo ready!!

Jeff took his brown belt test in Karate last night.  We are so proud of him.  I took some pics and will post them tomorrow.

I want to wish my dear sweet friend Brenda Grose a very "Happy Birthday" today!!  When you get a chance Bren........give us an update on your Dad.  I know everyone wants to know.  Have a fun day!

Thank you Patty and Ella McDonald for bringing me out cookies and brownies!  They are so good.  I am eating as much as I can.  I still need to gain some weight.  This will help!  You both are so sweet!

YES!!!!!!!  My San Diego Chargers won!!!!!!!  Great day in football!!  This week the team is off to Pittsburg for the Sunday night game against the Steelers.  Go Chargers!!!  You can win!!!

Have a great day!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!  Thank you God for healing me of cancer and for all of the miracles in my life!!!!!

What is your middle name????  Mine is Christine.


Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Saturday morning!!  How is everyone today?  I am doing well and was able to get out some yesterday and do a lot of walking.  It felt great and I felt good afterwards.  The muscles in my legs thanked me for finally exercising them more.  :) I would like to thank my friend Linda Mayhew for lending me her exercise bike for so long.  I really appreciated that Linda!  It worked out perfect.

Today Mike and I are off to some dear friends of ours Chris Cooley and Marga Kellogg's wedding.  I have known Marga since high school.  In fact she was the maid of honor in my wedding.  I am so thankful that I am able to go and see my sweet friend get married.  I will try to get some pics today to share with you later.

What is everyone up to this weekend?  Hope you all have a fun and RELAXING weekend!  Enjoy some time with your family.  I won't be blogging again until Monday.  So I want to wish my Aunts Edith and Evelyn a very "Happy Birthday" tomorrow!!!  Which one of you was born first?  I also want to say "GO CHARGERS.......beat those Miami Dolphins"!!!!!!!

Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!!  Still praising Him for everyday miracles!!

What is the weather like where you live today?  It is still hot here.  I am so ready for some cooler fall weather.

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!!!  It is Friday!!! Can't stop "Happy Dancing" here!  Thanking God all day long for my good health and for you!!  What a HUGE blessing you all are to me!!!

In case you didn't get a chance to read the update yesterday, my blood levels are still too low for me to return to work.  They are improving each week......just at a snails pace.  I am so happy and praising God about my health report being good but have to admit a little dissappointment on not being able to go back to work yet.  I know it is all in God's time and I can't go back to working closely with kids unless my immune system is up.   I pray that it is finally high enough next Thursday.  I miss the staff so much.  They are not just co-workers to me.........they are my friends who I miss terribly.  Also I feel so good and mentally I am ready!

Also wanted to let you know that my grandbaby Tyler is doing awesome!  He got his check-up and everything looks great!  Jenna only has about 4-5 weeks left.  I am sooooooooo excited!  Hard to believe that I will be holding him before I know it.  Did I tell you that he will be in my sisters wedding?  Yep...........he already has newborn pajamas that look like a tuxedo. :)  So darn cute!

Well since I have another week at home I decided I better get started on some projects that need to get done.  I also plan on focusing on all the things my family has coming up in the next couple of months.  Also need to write my thoughts down for a book.  The Dr. said that I can run around and do errands and be out and about.......just to be careful and use lots of hand sanitizer.  He wants me to start building some more strength.  I promise that I will be careful!

Thank you Terrie O. for the delicious cookies!!!  I am eating them all day long.  I know I need to gain some weight and this is a great start!

Have a fantastic Friday!!!!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!

How many hours of sleep do you get on a weekday night?  Right now I get 8 but usually I get by on 6 or 7 when I am working.





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