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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Happy Halloween!!

Hope you all have fun with friends and family today.  I will show pictures of my family in costume after I take some today.  Hopefully will get them posted tomorrow.

Mike is the genius behind the blinking picture.    It is an animated GIF and the program he used is called  JASC animation shop.

Hope you get plenty of treats today!  God is Good!!


Posted By Mike&Leslie

We had a Halloween pumpkin carving party tonight with a bunch of family and friends.  It was so much fun!  Here are a couple of pictures.  One is of Jenna and Ryan's dog Rusty and his new Halloween toy.  Isn't he so darn cute?  The other one is a picture of some of us with our finished Jack-O-Lanterns.  Jenna and Ryan are throwing a big costume party on Halloween.  We are using these to decorate the outside for the trick or treaters.  I'll take a ton of pictures that night too and post some. 

Are you all ready for Halloween?  Do you have your costumes ready?  The kids at school are so excited!  They are always so cute!  Can't wait.

God is Good!!!!


Rusty Halloween

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Hey everyone!  I am home now.  It was a loooong day.  I am so happy to report that they got the IV started on the very first try!  Thank you God!  It did not hurt at all.  Everything seemed to go smooth.  I am just not feeling that well right now because I went so long without food and water (15 hours) and my nerves were on edge.  It didn't help that I only slept for 3 hours last night too.  I am sure I will be back to my old self again tomorrow.  Thanks again for keeping me in your prayers.  I so appreciate it!  Next Tuesday I will get the results from my oncologist.

Jenna is also back home safe and sound.

Take care and have a wonderful evening.  God is Good!!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Monday morning!  Well tomorrow is the day that I go for my PET scan in Palm Springs.  The only thing that I feel anxious about is the IV they have to start.  You know me and IV's don't exactly have a good history together.  I am drinking tons today to help with the veins.  So I am asking for prayer for strong veins, that they are able to do it on the first try and that everything goes smooth.  I will let you know how it all went when I get home tomorrow.  Of course after that is when the hard part starts.....the waiting game for the results......which I won't get until November 4th.  I am leaning on God again for strength and I do have faith and hope that everything will be great.  I am going to try to keep my mind busy all week so that I am not dwelling on that.

Thanks to you all who have been so extremely supportive to me and my family throughout all of this.  It has been a long journey but a good one....... and I still have a long way to go.  The love that you give to me is incredible.  Thanks for all of the encouraging cards that you have sent my way and the wonderful comments on this blog.  It means more then you know.

Have a super day!!  Thanks Peggy Dale!!!  God is Good!!!!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Sunday morning!!  I just wanted to let you all know that Jenna made it safe and sound to Chicago.  The flight went fine and she felt good.  She still sounds terrible but is feeling better she said.  Jen has her camera with her and is taking lots of pictures for us.  I'll have to post one later.  Thanks for praying!

Well I am off to church now and then home to watch the Chargers play the Saints in London.   GO CHARGERS!!

Have a wonderful day!  GOD is GOOD!!!



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