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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Saturday morning!  Wow!  It has been a whirl wind of fun with the family the last two days!  Thanksgiving was awesome!  This year we were at Ryan and Jenna's home.  We hang out all day with each other and eat the best dinner ever.  After dinner since our family is so big we break up into teams (and have team names) and play games that compete against each other for "fabulous prizes."  It is such a fun competition and we just laugh so hard.  My sister Monica was in charge this year and did a super job!  Thanks Monica!   We always end the night with a kick off for the Christmas season with a gift exchange game.  (You know the kind of gift you bring for a guy or  girl where you can pick a gift or steal it from someone else?). 

Then we continue the fun by getting up to shop on black Friday.  Guess what?  I AM DONE WITH MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!  Yes.... even down to the last stocking stuffer!  I had to.  I am just not sure on how I will be feeling next month and wanted to at least get that done.  My family all goes together and we laugh all day.  Found the best deals and except for the first place we went to the crowds weren't bad at all. 

It was so nice to have two days of keeping my mind occupied on other things.  We are all biased when it comes to our families......but I have a great one.  Couldn't ask for a better one.  I know I am blessed.  I am extremely grateful.

Now today is the day to get my house all decorated for Christmas.......My journey to fight my cancer starts on Monday.  I want to get the house all ready so when I come home it is done and I can enjoy it while recovering.  We also have a fun 50th birthday party celebration tonight to attend. 

Thank you for the continued love, support and prayers.  They are literally what is holding me up right now.  Have a super Saturday!  God is so Good!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Off to "Black Friday" shop!  Yeah.....we love it.  My big family has a blast.  We are wimps this year though......meeting at 6:00a.m.   I know, I know.....if we were true shoppers we'd be up at 4:00......but this is good enough.  Hope to finish my Christmas shopping today.  I'll check back in with you later.

Oh by the way......We had the best Thanksgiving ever!  Tell you more soon.  Have a wonderful day!!

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I want to wish you all a wonderful, fun-filled day of love!

I also want to wish my dear sweet friend Linda Morgan a very "Happy Birthday!"  What a blessing you are to everyone you come in contact with!

Also a little late (sorry).....But I want to wish my wonderful nephew Allen a great birthday too!

There is so much to be thankful for today!  My family and I are counting our blessings.  We are looking forward to an awesome day!  Can't wait to hear about yours!

God is Good!!!!!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie


Mike and I are back from my primary oncologist Dr. McClay.  Where do I begin.....well it wasn't exactly what I wanted to hear again.  Unfortunately I have to do chemo again.  I will begin that on December 8th.  It is 3 different types again.....2 orally and one by IV.  It will enhance the effect of the radiation treatment. This regimen works well on getting through the brain barriers. The good thing about it is that I can do the IV one here where I live instead of traveling back and forth to San Diego.  The oral drugs will be daily again and the IV will be once a week for 6 weeks.  They will then re-evaluate where I am and I may be doing 3 more 6 week treatments after that.  Yes, I was bummed to hear that at first.  But I have a real peace about it now.  I will do what it takes to fight this ugly disease and be done with it once and for all.  This peace I have is totally coming from all of your prayers.  God is keeping me so strong.  I seriously didn't think I had it in me.  Who knew?

The Dr. said I should not lose my hair, not get too sick, and it will be up to me and my levels and how I am feeling as to whether I can continue working.  I will work for as long as I can.  You see....I love the kids at school.  They are great therapy for me. 

Prayer requests:  This is selfish I know.....but I really don't want to lose my hair again.  That I can continue working and that the chemo doesn't make me sick at all.  That this will do the trick and that I won't ever have to go through this again.  For my families strength.

For now I want to get back to Thanksgiving fun and enjoy being with my family and eating like crazy!  Tomorrow is pie baking day which I love.  Have a great rest of the day!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Hey everyone......Gotta blog fast this morning.  My oncologist from San Diego called in the late afternoon yesterday to say he wanted me to come up for a visit this morning.....which means we have to leave by 7:15.  It is for my regular full body check up from head to toe and to discuss some other things.  I was suppose to have done this a couple of weeks ago but you know how busy life has gotten.  I have to stay on track with the program and so I am headed out to visit.  I was hoping to have a week off from appointments and stuff....but it is not looking like that will happen for a while.  It's okay......Mike and I will have a nice drive up.  No matter what we are doing....he and I have a blast!

Sandra Clary.....I do have your mom's eggnog pie recipe and it is THE BEST!!  I totally agree!  Kori Wainscott......I would love the recipe for the Derby pie!  Susy Davila.....we love cherry cheesecake!  Anyone else serve any other dessrts for Thanksgiving?  Please let us all know the recipe.  I am sure there are lots that would like to make them too.

What traditional Thanksgiving food do you like the least.  I eat a bite every year because my family forces me to, but I do not like cranberry sauce!

Thanks for a great lunch and a day of fun yesterday Cheryl.  It was so nice to get my mind on fun stuff for a little while and laugh a lot.

God bless you my friends!!!!!  All of you!!!!  Hugs!



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