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Posted By Mike&Leslie

We have a surgery/treatment date!  It will be on Wednesday,  December 3rd starting at 6:45 a.m.  It will last all day.  I have an appointment on Dec. 2nd for all of the pre-op stuff, meet with the neurosurgeon, my radiation oncologist, my physicist and to run some tests etc....  Won't be home until Dec. 4th.  I will have my family keep you all posted the best they can during the day and let you know how things are going.  I will probably be able to give you more specifics to pray for as it gets closer.  They are sending me a huge packet in the mail today to give me all of the info I need.  I really feel good about this and am thrilled on how quickly God has worked in all of this.  My family is feeling your strength, love and prayers.  God is taking good care of us and will provide.  I completely have my trust in Him.

I have a quick, silly question to ask.....What are your favorite pies to eat at Thanksgiving?  Do you like whip cream or ice cream?  Jenna and I are the pie bakers in the family and yes we make the whole thing from scratch.  We love doing it. 

My San Diego Chargers lost  last night.  I was bummed but we gave those Colts a good game.

Have a wonderful day!  (((BIG HUGS))) to you all!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Happy Sunday!

Wanted to take a moment to congratulate Christina (Lyon) and Keith Adamek on their marriage last night.  The wedding was so beautiful and Christina and Keith looked fabulous!  We had the best time.  Thanks for such a fun evening.  It was great to see so many wonderful friends!

My daughter Jenna and I went to a bridal shower today for good family friends of ours Diana Verdugo and Ernesto Vargas.  It was so great to be able to spend time with them.  They are an adorable couple who will be married on December 13th.  Looking forward to that.  Jenna and Diana met in kindergarten.  Our familes have been great friends since.

Church was great today.  Thanks for all of the support, love and prayers that you are showering down on our family right now.  Boy do we feel those prayers and love!

Thanks Ginna Gaddis for the awesome cards that you have made for me and sent.  You are one talented lady. 

Thanks also to my angel Linda Morgan!  I really hit the lotto when they hooked us up together.  I couldn't imagine my life without you in it.  You have been a total God send.  Thanks for everything!

Thanks for  praying for me and my family.  I really can't say thank you enough.   I just take it one day at a time right now and I know the prayers are keeping me positive and strong.

Well I am going to get settled in now for the Charger/Colt game tonight.  GO CHARGERS!

Have a super evening!  God is so Good!!

Embracing Psalm 118:17  "I will not die but live and will proclaim what the Lord has done" 

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Hey everyone!

I wanted to jump on and answer a couple questions that I have been asked to let you know why things are happening like they are.  The first is the Radiation Dr. told me why the cancer probably returned to my brain.  You see the brain has a protective coat surrounding it.  When you get chemo it is real aggressive in your whole body, but the brain doesnt really let full strength get to it.  That shield tends to block out some of the chemo.  So it probably did not kill the cells that were still lingering there.  The chances of it coming back in the brain were there.

He told me that it is real hard to detect brain tumors with a PET scan.  It is looking for hyper metabolic areas that are picking up more sugars then the surrounding areas.  The whole brain is hyper metabolic so it is hard to detect tumors.  So when the report from my PET scan said I was cancer free, I was blessed by my oncologist Dr. McClay to notice the funny spot in my brain on his own and to look into it more thoroughly. Had it not been for that blessing.....we probably would have been running into unknown problems in the next month.   That is where the MRI comes in.  I will continue to have PET scans every 4 months but now will have MRI's every 6 weeks too.  I will also continue seeing my regular oncologist with my Radiation oncologist regularly.  So I still will be having lots of trips back and forth to San Diego.....but that is okay.  I can do that!

Prayer requests:  That the radiation will cure me of my cancer once and for all.  That the procedure will go smoothly.  It will be a hard day but I can do that too.  I am ready for the fight!  I will know more in the next two weeks and I will be better able to fill you in.

I can't say enough about the amazing miracles and things that God has done in my life and for my family.  Please continue to pray for them too.  It has been hard....especially for Mike.  But we are encouraged and we all feel much better since yesterday.  God certainly did amazing things this week to get me where I am now.  Everything is working out beautifully!

I am looking forward to a wonderful week with family and celebrating Thanksgiving!  I have so MUCH to be thankful for.

I am looking forward to the Charger/Colts game tomorrow night!  Will be thinking about you Hudelson and Ramsay families!!

Going to relax tonight by going to Christina Lyons wedding and enjoying a fun reception!  Have a fun and relaxing day too!

All my love and hugs......God is so Good!!!!!

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Some Good news to report!!!  God's miracles just keep on coming!!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to blog......but my sister Monica took us out to a fabulous celebratory dinner. 


Several great things to report.  I saw the radiation oncologist today who I absolutely loved and he told us that my radiation only requires one treatment.  It is an all day ordeal including screwing a halo into my head.  The procedure is called Gamma Knife.  It has a 90% success rate but I told the doctor it is 100% with all of the people who are praying for me!  I will explain more later in detail on why the cancer probably returned in my brain.  But everything he said made tons of sense.  The treatment will probably be scheduled sometime the first week of December.  I have the utmost confidence in this doctor and his team.  And I was blessed to get into this busy practice thanks to my oncologist Dr. McClay who hooked me up.  It is such a huge answer to prayers for things to move so quickly, finding this out on Monday and already having a plan by Friday.  What a blessing!  


Got to run, still have to drive home.  Will fill you in more tomorrow.  Thanks again so much for all of your prayers.  


God is good!!!  

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Friday morning!!  Mike and I are off to San Diego this afternoon to see the radiation Dr.  I will be at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla.  We will be heading home later tonight but I will let you know when we get home how it went and what the plan is.  I have next week off from school for the Thanksgiving break so I will be glad to have that time to get adjusted.  My prayer is for everything to go smooth there, that my insurance will help with a lot of it (we are not sure about that yet and it is a concern) but I have to do what I have to do.  God has been with me every step of the way and I know He will work out the rest for me.  I have faith!

Also I want to wish a very dear friend of mine Patty McDonald a very Happy Birthday today!  You rock girl!  I know where you are and I know that you and your family will have an awesome time!  Let me know how your trip went when you get back.

Have a fabulous Friday!!  God is so Good!!!



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