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Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Sunday evening! I am posting this tonight because I want to sleep in as much as possible tomorrow morning.  I had a wonderful week off.  It just went by so fast!  My decorating is done, my shopping is just about done, I have wrapped a few gifts and started making out my Christmas cards.  Yep....I like to get a jump start on the festivities.  Here are a few pictures from Thanksgiving.  When I got to my brothers house this was taped to his front door.  It really made my whole day!  Thank you Donald!


Thanks 09-01
We played a lot of reality T.V. show games this year.  We did a Food network cake challenge.  Here are some of the results of that.

Thanks 09-02
Another one.

Thanks 09-03
The winning cake!

Thanks 09-04
What I did.  He is my little piece of heaven on earth.

Thanks 09-05
We also did a combination of Project Runway with America's Next Top Model.  Also a little of America's Got Talent.  Totally hilarious stuff.  A great time was had by all.  The food was delicious and we were all stuffed!  We are still eating a few leftovers.  We have some great cooks in our family.  My new brother-in-law Gregg is an awesome cook too!  How was your Thanksgiving?

We took Tyler to the mall to see Santa and I will post that picture on Tuesday.  He is a month old already!  Boy time is passing by fast!  I am enjoying each second with him.

Yeah!!!!  The Chargers won again!!!! :) Nothing like holding my sleeping grandbaby during the game and eating freshly baked gingerbread cookies that Jenna made and the Chargers winning!  Just awesome!!  Next week we play the Browns.

Thank you so much Veronica Wright!!  So very sweet!!

Have a great week everyone!  Today is  another gift from God and He is so Good!  Thank you God for awesome holiday memories with family and friends!

I watched a couple of Christmas movies this week.  What are your favorite Christmas movies?


Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Saturday morning!!  My family and I had a wonderful day yesterday.  We had a nice breakfast out together.  We also went to the mall and took Tyler to see Santa Claus and took his picture.  I will post that on here sometime next week.  My house is decorated on the just need Mike to put up the lights on the outside and we will be finished.

Tomorrow the San Diego Chargers will be hosting the Kansas City Chiefs.  Go CHARGERS!!!

I would like to take a minute and remember a good friend of our family.  His name was Willie Severe.  His sweet wife Peggy is a dear friend of mine.  Willie passed away from us 3 years ago today to be with our Lord.  He was a great guy, hard working man, loved his family dearly and helped anyone who needed it.  His two children that he left behind turned out to be awesome, wonderful adults.  The world was a better place because of Willie and all who got to know him.  Heaven needed him and I am sure Willie is a friend to all there and he is probably fishing everyday!  We all love you Peggy, Jenna and Austin!

I won't be blogging again until Monday.  Have a relaxing and wonderful weekend.  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!!  Thank you God for great memories!!

Anyone decorating this weekend???  Christmas shopping???

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Friday morning!!  How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  We had a great one.  Lots of laughs, fun and food!!  We also expressed to each other what we were so thankful for this year.  I will have a few pictures to share with you all next week.  The games we played were hilarious!

I would like to wish my sweet friend and chemo angel, Linda Morgan a very "Happy Birthday" today!!!  Hope you have a super birthday Linda!  Even though we haven't met in know we all love you!

Well I am not off to black Friday shop this morning but have to run now because our whole family is getting together to meet for breakfast.  For those of you that got up early this morning to shop.....let me know how it went.  Except for a couple of things I am done with my shopping.

Ahhhhhh......Stilwell.......I got the note on my you right back.....mean it!!

Have a wonderful day!!  Enjoy those leftovers.  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!!

So what is everyone up to the day after Thanksgiving???


Posted By Mike&Leslie

            HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

The Gilbert family is so thankful for so many things!  Let us all count our blessings and remember all the things to be thankful for in our lives today.  Each new day is truly a gift from God and He is so Good!  Have a fantabulous time today with family and friends!

"Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise; be thankful unto him,
and bless his name. For the Lord is good..."

[Psalm 100:4, 5a]


Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good morning!!  First thing I would like to do is wish my nephew Allen Stiegemeyer a very "Happy Birthday" today!!!  Have a great day Allen!!

Today is pie baking day in the Gilbert house.  Jenna is coming over with Tyler and helping me.  She is quite the pie baker herself.  Mmmmm can't wait for the wonderful smells in my kitchen.  She and I are making 5 or 6 pies.  My sister and her hubby are making 3.  We LOVE pies at Thanksgiving.....can you tell?!  We make all different kinds.

Could you all keep my chemo angel Linda Morgan in your prayers?  She hasn't been feeling well for the last 3 or 4 weeks.  Please pray that the antibiotics work and that she gets her strength back.  Her birthday is on Friday and Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I would love for her to be feeling better for both.  Love you Linda!!

I also have a HUGE prayer request.  There are so many people that we all know of that has lost a love one close and dear to their hearts this year. Or has just lost a loved one in the last few years. During the holidays especially they are missing them.  Could you please pray for them for strength to get through?  That they would feel God's loving arms wrapped around them for comfort.  That they will find a little joy through the sadness.  That their family and friends will keep them encouraged.  I really appreciate the prayer warriors here and I know the families appreciate you praying for them.  Thank you everyone!  I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS BLOG AND YOU!  WHAT A BLESSING YOU ARE TO ME.  WHAT A BLESSING YOU ARE TO OTHERS. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!  Let's continue to remember all the things we are "thankful" for.  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!  Thank you God for your blessings and comfort.

Anyone else baking today????



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