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Good Wednesday morning!!  Yes I am praising and thanking our almighty and awesome God for the great news yesterday!  Doing a lot of "happy dancing" here!  Dr. McClay said that my mammogram was fine.  I had an ultra sound at the same time and it showed that what the mammogram said was nothing.  He said no worries there.  My chest scan showed that I still have that spot on my lung but that it had not grown at all.  He said that there was nothing at this point to be concerned about and that he would see me again in January after I have my full body PET scan.  He told me to have a wonderful Christmas, to eat more, (I am trying) and that he would see me next year!  I gave him the biggest hug!

My prayer requests now would be that the spot in my lung will still go away, and that my upcoming brain scan, which will be in mid-December will be good. 

I have some more AWESOME news!!!!  This Friday, December 3rd is my 2 year anniversary of being considered CANCER FREE!!!  The day I got the gamma knife procedure on my brain was the day to start counting.  Can you believe that it was two years ago that I had 11 brain tumors??  Sooooo much has happened since then and I consider myself a miracle and blessed to be here celebrating life.  I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for all of family and friends.  What a day of celebrating Friday will be for all of us!  This is not only my journey but ALL of ours.  I can't thank you enough and to tell you all how much I love you!  Your generosity abounds!

I will have to share my story of what I felt while waiting in my room for Dr. McClay on tomorrow's blog.

It's December!!  My most favorite time of the year!!  Only 24 shopping days until Christmas!  I have already been listening to Christmas music.  Now it is time to start pulling out the Christmas movies too.

Here is Tyler and Ryan surrounded by a bunch of tissues after one of our 'minute to win it' games that we played at Thanksgiving.  This game consisted of who could empty a box of Kleenex one handed the fastest.  Tyler loved playing in all the discarded tissues after the game.

Tyler 46

Prayer requests:  Continued prayer for the recovery of Steve Ryan.  He has been improving a little bit everyday.  He is paralyzed so we need to keep him lifted in prayer as he deals with that.  Also for little Electra.  Her recovery is very slow too.  And for my friend Lorri Cavins who is still in the hospital.  Pray that her cell counts go up so she can come home.  Also Angel Linda's friend Sharon who is going through such a tough time right now getting started with her chemo treatments.

Matthew 1 verse 18:  These are the facts concerning the birth of Jesus Christ:  His mother, Mary,  was engaged to be married to Joseph.  But while she was still a virgin she became pregnant by the Holy Spirit.  To be continued.....

Have a wonderful day everyone!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!!  Let's see some "Happy Dancing" today!

Christmas question:  Okay yesterday we talked about lights on the outside.  How about the lights you put on your tree?  What color are they?  Do they twinkle?  I have white lights all over my tree.

Posted By Mike&Leslie

PRAISE GOD!!!!  WooHoo!!  Great news!  The doctor says everything looks good and looks forward to seeing Leslie next year.  The small spot is still on her lung but has not grown and he says everything else is clear.  Leslie felt God's love around her and Mike today.  We know that is from all of your prayers!  Thank you, thank you, thank you God for your mercy in answering our prayers!  From Sister Monica



Good Tuesday morning! is chilly outside!  Thank you for all of the very encouraging e-mails, texts, comments and phone calls yesterday.  Meant the world to me.  I am constantly encouraged and just when I feel like it is getting to me, God seems to send an angel my way to keep me uplifted.  I was literally floored by God's perfect timing with me during the day yesterday and last night.  So if you were one of the ones that felt lead by God to keep me uplifted I want to thank you for God's prompting you to be there for me.  What an awesome God we have.  I know so many of you prayed and what a treasure that is and I know that is what kept me encouraged too. Praise our Lord for answered prayer!

Well this afternoon Mike and I take off to see my oncologist, Dr. McClay.  Thank you all so very much for your prayers for me.  I will try to get my sister Monica to leave an update for you here as soon as I am done with my appointment.  It isn't until 4:00 pacific time. 

Oh by the my sister Monica and the rest of my was me, not Ryan who threw the dinner roll at the table during Thanksgiving dinner.  hahaha!  I didn't mean to hit you Monica.  I was aiming for Donald.  Way to take one for the team Ryan! my son-in-law!  :)

Remember this is the last day to write something down that you are thankful for.  (unless you want to keep on going)  I look back at all the things I am thankful for and I know that I am truly blessed.  Please put your list somewhere that you can look at it often and be reminded of how good God is. 

Here is one of my favorite pictures at Thanksgiving......Tyler giving Nani a kiss.

Tyler 45
Tyler turned 13 months old on Sunday.  He isn't walking yet but I know it will be soon.  He has taken a couple of steps.

Prayer requests:  For my friend Jessica Salgado and the whole Silva Family for peace and comfort over the loss of Jessica's Aunt.   Also for some married couples who are working on getting their marriages back on track.  They have asked for prayer to help them get through some of the past issues they have had to deal with.  That God will give them the strength to forgive and trust again to move forward.

1 Chronicles 16 verses 10 & 11:  Glory in his holy name; Let all rejoice who seek the Lord.  Seek the Lord; yes, seek his strength and seek his face untiringly.

Have a terrific day everyone.  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!

Question:  Do you put up Christmas lights outside your house?  What color?

Posted By Mike&Leslie

Good Monday morning everyone!  How are you?  Did everyone have a good weekend?  Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and weekend.  It is so good to see family but very hard to say goodbye when they had to leave.  The time spent with them just seemed to pass by way too fast.  Donald and Noni hosted a beautiful dinner at their home.  It made my heart super happy to see Tyler with my mom.  She got to play and read with him.  I believe Jenna got pictures of them together.  I will have to get them from her to post here soon. 

My San Diego Chargers won last night against the Colts!!  Next Sunday we are back home playing the Oakland Raiders.  GO CHARGERS!!

I was able to get all of my fall decorations taken down and my Christmas all up.  It looks very festive now.  Mike even got the outside lights up for me.  I know how fast the Christmas season passes and I want to take the time to enjoy each and every minute of it.  I am usually done with my shopping by now but this year I am not.  Being down with the flu for a week really threw off my schedule.  Oh well, it will get done.  I am about 3/4 done already.

I have a big prayer request for you all.  I got home from family fun late Friday night and decided to look at the mail right before I went to bed.  There was a letter from Pioneers Hospital that said the mammogram that I had last week was abnormal.  What does that mean?  Well it means that I cried myself to sleep,  but I woke up standing on faith that God has healed me and I am not going to let this get me down.  I have no idea what they are seeing.  We are praying that it is scar tissue.  Mike will get the report as well as the ultra sound I had done and my lung scans and we will take it all up to my oncologist on Tuesday afternoon.  You know, I do have a real peace about it all.  When I pray I envision kneeling at God's feet and taking this heavy burden off of my shoulders and throwing it off at God's feet. I know He is almighty and in control and the great healer. I can feel Him picking me up in His arms and holding me and giving me great comfort.  Please continue to pray for my total healing, that I get good news on Tuesday and for peace.  I appreciate all of you so much for praying.

Here is Tyler happily eating his Thankdgiving dinner. 

Tyler 44
We also took Tyler this weekend to his friend Joaquin Jaime's 1st birthday party.  I will have pics to share of that this week too.  Happy Birthday Joaquin!!

Prayer requests:  A lot of people are fighting the flu right now and have asked for prayer that they get better and back on their feet soon.  Also for our military who are overseas fighting for us.  Pray for their protection and that they come home safely soon to their families.  Pray for their families too, that they have peace through the holidays without their loved one at home.

1 Chronicles 16 verse 8:  "Oh, give thanks to the Lord and pray to him," they sang.  "Tell the people of the world about his mighty doings."  verse 9: Sing to him; yes, sing his praises and tell of his marvelous works.

Have a marvelous day everyone!  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!

I guess it is time to start asking Christmas questions of the day so here goes......Have you started to decorate for Christmas yet?

Jesus is the reason for Christmas!!!

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Good Saturday morning!!  A very chilly morning too!  How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  We had a wonderful, fun filled day!  I will elaborate more later.  I am running like a chicken this weekend so I am going to keep this short today.

I wanted to say a very big "Happy Birthday" to Angel Linda Morgan today!!  What a true blessing she has been to me in my life.  One of my biggest blessings from having cancer is Linda.  Had I not had cancer I would have never met this wonderful lady.  She was my chemo Angel and was and still is a HUGE support to me.  I am thankful for her and I thank God for bringing her into my life even though it was through such trying circumstances.  God blessed me hundreds of ways throughout my cancer journey and Linda was a one of the biggest.  Hope you have an awesome day friend!! 

I pray you all continue to have a super weekend!  Relax and enjoy your time with your family.  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!!

Were there any black Friday shoppers??

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Good morning and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone!!!  I am so thankful for all of you!  I wish you a great day full of family and friends fun!  Eat lots!!  :)

Also I want to wish my nephew Allen a very "Happy Birthday" today!  Have a super day Allen!!

We are having our family dinner at my brother Donald and sister-in-law Noni's house today.  Can't wait!

Today is another gift from God which I am so thankful for and He is so Good!!

Due to all the family being here and all the activites we have planned I won't be blogging tomorrow.  I will see you back here again on Saturday.  Love you!



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