Posted By Mike&Leslie

Off to "Black Friday" shop!  Yeah.....we love it.  My big family has a blast.  We are wimps this year though......meeting at 6:00a.m.   I know, I know.....if we were true shoppers we'd be up at 4:00......but this is good enough.  Hope to finish my Christmas shopping today.  I'll check back in with you later.

Oh by the way......We had the best Thanksgiving ever!  Tell you more soon.  Have a wonderful day!!

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"Angel" Linda said...
I had a great Thanksgiving and birthday yesterday. Got more gifts that meant going Black Friday shopping today! Sami and I didn't go out real early, but still caught many great deals. I actually HATE Black Friday shopping...and normally, you wouldn't catch me out in those crowds for any amount of money...or good deals! I relented this year, but from here on out, the only place anyone will see me until after the holiday returns season will be the grocery store! I just hate the crowds. Can't wait to hear all about your Thanksgiving and your Black Friday shopping. Guess what??? We're getting a blizzard here! That's code for: MORE SHOVELING! ;0)'s coming down like there's no tomorrow! Sami and I hadn't been home more than 20 minutes and you couldn't even tell we'd taken the car out was totally covered and our tracks were completely gone! I'm waiting for it to let up a little before going out, or I'll have to do it again before bed...once is more than enough! Got a pretty nasty head cold here. I taught my daughter too well....she said that I always told her to share! Wouldn't you know...this is the first time she actually listens to me! LOL :0) Be talkin' to you soon...provided I don't lost in a snow bank! :0) Angel Hugs! "Angel" Linda
November 28, 2008 03:57:16
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