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Good morning!!!  Today is my first day without chemo!  Hooorrraaayyyy!!  As a matter of fact Jenna and Ryan came over last night and along with Jeff and Mike had a little surprise up their sleeves.  As soon as 8:00 rolled by and I took my last chemo drugs of the day they came out with confetti poppers and really wooped it up and we celebrated!  I is only for a short time but it was great! 

You would all be proud of me too.  I went for a walk with my son yesterday.  I didn't go quite a mile but almost.  It felt so good to start getting back into shape.  Hopefully I can do a lot in these next two weeks.

Today I see the surgeon.  I will let you know when they schedule the putting in of the port.  As much as I hate the fact that I have to do this again.....I know it is a good thing.  Thanks for your prayers!!

Remember that if any of you have a specific prayer request please e-mail me and let me know at  I am praying everyday for your request!  I have the time so please let me know!  You can trust me to keep it private.  Thanks to the many I have gotten so far.  God is listening and answering a lot of those prayers!  Please give me an update to some of you that have left them and let me know how it is going.  Thanks!

Have a super day!  God is so Good!!

By the way....are any of you watching American Idol?  I am!


Let God have all your worries and cares for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.  1 Peter 5:7

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Monica the sister said...
Okay, I record American Idol because there are FAR too many commercials. I have only had an opportunity to watch the first episode...and it was funny. I like the new judge; it was a good addition. But my favorite TV shows are The Closer and NCIS. Highly recommend those!!
January 27, 2009 12:03:40
Amy Bo. said...
Hey Les! Keep on truckin' girl! You can do this! Good luck today with your appointment. I'm confident you'll get the news you need to hear! Listen...if you're feeling up to it, on the 6th of February we are having a Baby Shower for Gina at 3:20 in my classroom. We would love for you to come! ...and YOU KNOW I'm watching American Idol...I don't miss it. (Grey's Anatomy too.) Do you watch Grey's??? Gotta get back to work! Keep hope in your pocket! Go Steelers!!! (Ok...I have to say that, my husband is a HUGE Steelers fan, and when he's happy, we're all happy!!!) Miss ya...
January 27, 2009 11:01:06
Krissy said...
Good Morning! Friday was SOOO Much fun! I'm so glad you joined us for lunch! I have watched one day of American Idol. I seem to have so much going on during the week that I don't get much T. V. in! I'm so excited you are getting a dog! Obviously, we are BIG animal people! Our mixed Bassett is the sweetest and a great watch dog. Dachsunds are great lap dogs who LOVE to cuddle. Ours is very spoiled. She sleeps under the covers with us at night :) Can't wait to hear what you got. Have a great day. Love ya, Krissy by the way, WE MISS YOU TONS IN RTI, not the same WITHOUT YOU!!!!
January 27, 2009 10:28:20
Dana said...
Hi Leslie, I was good to see you on Friday. I love just laughing and being with our friends! I'm glad that you are able to get aroundd and feel good. I am so excited about you getting a dog! You know how I feel about dogs! Try going online to rescue sites. There are several in San Diego that are breed specific or for mixed breeds. Of course I am partial to schnauzers! However, greyhounds are cute too. If you need help with dogs Amy Baker and I would love to help. Keep smiling. Your smile is contagious!
January 27, 2009 09:27:20
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