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UPDATE:  I am good to go for treatment tomorrow.  The white cells and platelets were all good.  The red cells are still a little low but good enough for treatment.  Thanks everyone for praying so much!  Treatment #4 out of 6 tomorrow!


Good morning and Happy Memorial Day.  I would like to thank all of our men and women who serve and who have served in our military.  Thank you for fighting for our country's freedom and to keep us safe.  Everyone of you deserves a medal.  Take a moment today to remember those that have died serving our country.

Today is my day to go into the hospital and get my bloodwork done and see how my levels are doing.  I will let you know the results this afternoon.  I am also starting my 10 days of white cell booster shots again.  My chemo appointment is even earlier tomorrow (9:00) so we will be out of here quite early in the morning.

We went to the movies again yesterday and saw Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.  It was a real cute movie.  Anyone else seen any good movies this weekend?

I hope everyone has been enjoying their 3 day holiday weekend!  Have a great day today!  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!

Anyone BBQ this weekend????

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Evelyn said...
Leslie, so glad to hear that your blood count is up and you can get that nasty chemo - IF you must - and hoping and praying for the day it will all be done with. I hear "a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down", so keep eatin' that chocolate! ... Well, I cheated. I put dietetic barbecue sauce on chicken breasts and baked them in the oven. Del needed a pick me up today cuz the doc said no driving for 4 more weeks, so I made peanut butter/chocolate ice milk for dessert. Anyway, at least he can shower now. Yippee! And I get to stay here a while longer, and we can actually celebrate our anniversary ON our anniversary. I'm anxious about getting our house sold in CO, but I know God's timing is perfect, and it will work out. Still praying in AL. Love, Ev
May 25, 2009 11:01:40
Terrie O. said...
Howdy and hopefully Y'all are in slumberville! Just getting a chance to 'blog'. Thank you Randi; I do miss you and your updates; YOU 'JAZZ' me. God has provided this form of communication and it is a way of 'keeping in touch'. I am not the only person who uses this blog for this very purpose. Soooooooooooooo, Y'all can still email Leslie, but I know she gets a kick out of what one person says and how another person responds. Soooo, where is Amy B.? It is like we are all sitting outside around a campfire and 'chillin' or would it be 'roastin'. You know Denise, we could have a BREAKING of BREAD get together and soooon. Hallelujah, Leslie-good to go... I love it! We put in another full day outside and Henryk grilled steaks to celebrate. I made my skillet medley - red potatoes, onions, yellow squash and brocolli - yum! No bread; too tired... Emily called today and I got to hear Cori say 'sock'. CUTE! Emily says she made a new video yesterday; should get it tomorrow, can't wait. Praise God! Carla called with GREAT news and that there is going to be a fun and exciting group graduating from 8th Grade-I remember that group like the back of my hand-do you know that I now have age spots on the back of my hands? Yep, I do. Leslie and Mike, travel mercies in the morning and afternoon-go to Robertos? I love you Leslie and I BELIEVE! Smiling, Terrie O.
May 25, 2009 10:16:54
Randi said...
Yay! Sooooo glad to hear that you are staying on track!!! I was going to make tacos for dinner, but we ended up having Carl's Jr. Yumm-O! Not very bbqish, but I figured star, USA... Okay, maybe that's stretching it. hahah Love ya! :)
May 25, 2009 05:30:11
Brenda Grose said...
Les, So glad you are on track again and that you are feeling okay. I am sure you are enjoying being able to spend time with family and friends... Yes we will BBQ today. Even though it is 92 degrees right now... It's time like these that I wish we had a pool. UPDATE ON DAD!!! For the first time in almost 2 years he ate meat. He ate a bacon sandwich. He was so excited and emotional as he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. You do not realize the things you take for granted. Please continue to pray for him to continue to gain strength. He is really thin and still weak but slowly is getting stronger. John spoke with him this morning and he said he sounded so much better than he has.. Thank you all for the prayer!! You and dad are always in my prayer. Hugs and Prayers! Bren
May 25, 2009 12:59:34
Randi said...
Yay! I'm first! Nanner. Nanner. Nanner. :) Do you know how to tell when you're getting old? Go for a hike with a mountain man in the Lagunas for four hours!!! I woke up this morning and my hips won't work! hahaha It's actually been a great weekend. Friday night, I got to hang out with some pretty cool gals. :) Saturday, Shawn and I went to see Terminator. Pretty good. It had lots of tie ins to the first movie. They even digitally incorporated Arnold!!! It was awesome. And, I don't mean the Governator. I mean Arnold when he was nice to look at. Big, buff and beautiful. :) Yesterday, Shawn, Ty, and I drove up to the Lagunas (almost to the exact spot where we got engaged!) and hiked for quite a while. The terrain wasn't too tough, but we hadn't been hiking in a while and it sure took its tole on us. We are still awaiting the news on Shawn's bone marrow donor thing. We should know within the next few weeks if he is a match for this person. Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers a'flowin'. I really, truly hope that I can go with him on this journey. I may "have" to become Mrs. Ryan sooner than expected. wahahaha You should be getting your blood work any minute now. I will be praying for good results. Love ya TONS, Les! A salute and God Bless to the troops out there and a HUGE thanks! Hey, Mrs. O! I just want you to know that I posted this one for you! I almost just emailed Les, but I heard that you miss me! hahaha
May 25, 2009 09:57:34
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