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Good morning!  Well I survived treatment number 9 and am not feeling too bad at all today.  I seem to be handling this round much better then my last round.  They did reduce the strength of my chemo some.  Don't know if it will be increased for the last round though.  I slept kinda off and on last night but know that is from the steriod they gave me.  Only 8 more to go!!!!!!!!  Thanks for continually praying!

My sister Monica bought our whole family tickets to Universal Studios for Christmas this past year. I was originally suppose to be off my chemo this week and my whole family made plans to go  this Saturday.  Well we are still going.  I feel like I can do it and if we don't do it now we won't be able to get the whole family together before it gets too hot up there.  So I am getting pumped up to go.  I have a house and dog sitter already lined up and I am very excited that my whole family can make it.  I haven't been since Jenna and Jeff were like 10 and 8 years old.  I'll take lots of pics!  Has anyone else been in awhile?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!  It will be another kick back day for me.  Today is another gift and God is so Good!!!

Anyone got a good recipe for fruit smoothies???


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Carla said...
Yes I do drink strawberry things, but they are not classified as a smoothie. Juan usually makes me a strawberry daiquiri or strawberry margarita. If you make it a virgin then maybe it could technically be called a strawberry smoothie. Dominic & Sophie love mango smoothies. We have been celebrating in the garage since Juan got his new job. Leslie we will be glad to have you over to celebrate when your done with chemo! God is answering our prayers! Love Carla
May 28, 2009 07:20:09
Denise said...
YIKES!! I read Terri O's note and I got dizzy reading it! HA! Terri you are a crack-up! I think you are awesome! Now to my sweet Leslie...8 more treatments and I'm doing the happy practicing really..trying not to hurt myself too much when I do the happy dance! :)) Smoothies huh?...well I would start with chocolate syrup...then milk, then ice cream..then more syrup..yep that's it...blend and you are good! Now the typical Californian would say that was a milk shake but not true...if it is drank in's a smoothie...otherwise anywhere else in the U.S....well it's a milkshake! Love you girl! Love, Denise
May 28, 2009 04:39:45
Terrie O. said...
Howdeeeeee! Smoothies???? Don't do smoothies but you know now that I think of it I have seen Carla drink a strawberry something that looks like a smoothie... ??? Come on Carla; you can respond! I have been here 16+ years and I have never made it to US ot to the tar pits-I was really close at one point; maybe one day soon. Jurassica ride sounds fun and I still like to have fun and will pretty much try anything as long as I don't go in circles-NOT a pretty aftermath. HA! My Secretary Stacey A. is going on the Washington D.C. trip; I suggested that she hook up with you Randi; Y'all will have a blast. Krissy, are you also going? Sister Monica; you are AWESOME in my book. Build POSITIVE memories; ALWAYS! Angel Linda and Samantha; prayers are being lifted for you two! Hang in there; God is in control.FALL weather, where? I want to go there; today was really hot to me; could be because I was dressed-up a little bit. I shucked those clothes pretty fast and went for our nightly bicycle ride; somebody yelled at me soooooooooo whoever it was, "Hi!". Leslie, may our Lord give you and Mike a PEACE tonight and may you sleep like babies; me, too! [You should have called me last night; I had insomnia-AGAIN!] I love you Leslie and I BELIEVE! Smiling, Terrie O.
May 27, 2009 09:31:40
Christie said...
Have a wonderful time! I have never been to Universal but it looks like tons of fun. I'm so glad to hear you are feeling well. ((((Hugs))))
May 27, 2009 05:31:56
Randi said...
Okay, so can I just say that I've had smoothies on the mind all day?!?! I came home and made one with strawberries, frozen vanilla yogurt, fat free milk, a smidgen of chocolate syrup, and ice. Okay, so maybe it's more of a milkshake concoction, but it sure was gooooood. :) Um, bananas are nasty.
May 27, 2009 04:49:45
Krissy said...
Leslie, I like using vanilla yogurt, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, Sunny Delight, and ice. The kids and I like bananas too but if you don't like them, it still tastes good with out them. The kids also like Guava juice instead of Sunny D. Glad you are feeling up to going this weekend. Sounds like fun! I haven't been there in 15 years! I was pregnant with Kaleb last time I went. It was fun but I know a lot has changed. Love ya!Krissy p.s. Hello Mrs. O!!!!!
May 27, 2009 02:20:46
Monica the sister said...
My dearest sister and all that read this...the best smoothie drinks involve a banana...which my sister doesn't eat. I just don't have any suggestions except to learn to like bananas! Glad you are feeling good! Praise God!!
May 27, 2009 12:09:42
Randi said...
Howdy! Ty and I went to Universal Studios a couple of years ago. May I also suggest the La Brea Tar Pits if you're up to it? (sorry. I'm a teacher. I love those kinds of places!) Ty and I had a blast at U.S.! I highly suggest the Jurassica Park ride. We went on it like four times! Fun. fun. Um, my favorite recipe for a smoothie is currently... Jack in the Box! haha Oh, Cardenas makes a great one, too. Very tasty.. yum. yum. Love ya!
May 27, 2009 11:11:14
"Angel" Linda said...
EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Just got an email confirmation from the Erie Times News that Samantha's article on the ChemoAngels will be published on Friday!!!! Can you believe it??? My baby...published in the newspaper at 11 yrs old!!! WOO-HOO! We are both sooooo stoked! I'll be sure to either email you the link to read the article online or I'll photocopy the page and mail it to you! I'm one proud always! Nothing like beating out her old mom...I was published in the school newspaper at her age, but nothing as prestigeous as this!!! It's hard to believe she'll be read by 100,000+ readers! OhMyGoodness! Can you tell I'm excited??? Talk to you soon. "Angel" Linda
May 27, 2009 09:10:50
"Angel" Linda said...
Good Afternoon Leslie. Glad to hear you're feeling pretty good after yesterday. We're doing okay here too, just a bit wiped it's kind of a kick back day for us too. Samantha had to set off her monitor last night for another episode...we called it in immediately after it finished and they said that it showed nothing worth calling the doctor about. YIPPEE!!! That means it was nothing serious. Once she heard that news, she slept like a baby! Worked a little more on the preparations for graduation this morning and have to pick up a few things at WalMart, but that'll be about the extent of my day...will spend the rest of it just chillin' out. It's really cool here again today...almost feels like fall - not sure I like the feel of the chill in the air! :S Recipe for smoothies??? I probably have a few laying around somewhere. We basically do like Marga suggested: fruit, yogurt, low fat milk & ice in the blender - with all the different combos of fruit, the possibilities are endless! Have a great day. Love you Lots. "Angel" Linda (P.S. Samantha says HI and sends her love!)
May 27, 2009 09:00:57
Marga said...
Have a great trip Les! I'm so glad you're doing so well. I can't wait to see your pictures. If they still have it, make sure and do the Terminator in 3D, it's awesome. Tell everyone I said hi. How about strawberries, bananas, nonfat frozen yogurt, soy or regular milk, and a little crushed ice. I have lots of others if you'd like them. Love you lots!
May 27, 2009 08:09:05
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