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Good Wednesday morning!!  I hope everyone is having a good week so far.  Tyler Michael is 6 months old today!  Can you believe it?  Time is flying by.  I keep telling him to stop growing.....but he keeps doing it anyways! lol  Later this afternoon I am going to take some pictures of him with his 6 month candle.  On Saturday Jenna has an appointment to get his pictures done professionally.  Now they should be able to get some good pictures of him on his tummy.  Can't wait!

So what did you think about American Idol last night?  The four I have always liked Crystal, Lee, Casey and Mike are still in the competition.  All six did pretty well last night.  It will be interesting to see who gets voted off.  I hope Crystal and Lee make it to number 1 & 2.

Tomorrow I leave in the morning for San Diego to see my oncologist Dr. McClay for my PET scan results.  Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers for a clean scan.  As soon as I get the results I will call my sister again and she will update you here.  My appointment is at 11:00 pacific time.

Here are some more pics from Saturday's party. ( Aunt MaryAnn....I am 5'4 and Jeff is 6'3.  I have been looking up to him for a long time....Mike also wanted me to tell you that Texas is famous for their BBQ beef brisket)  :)  This is the happy couple Donald and Noni.



Jenna and me.




My nephew Chris and Noni.




Mike and I with our precious grandbaby Tyler.  He was very sleepy here.



Psalms 29 verse 11:  He will give his people strength.  He will bless them with peace.  30 verse 2: O Lord my God, I pleaded with you, and you gave me my health again. verse 4: Oh, sing to him you saints of his; give thanks to his holy name.  31 verse 23  Oh, love the Lord, all of you who are his people; for the Lord protects those who are loyal to him.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  Today is another gift from God and He is so good!

Anyone remember the name of the first dog or cat they had?


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Leann said...
I'm thinking about you today, Leslie. There's no getting tired of hearing good news.
April 29, 2010 06:17:03
Terrie O. said...
Howdy and Happy Wednesday! Les, already praying for happy dancing... I love you girl and I absolutely love the pictures of family-wow, congrats Donald and Noni and I am praying for 25 more... Aunt Mary Ann, you can GOOGLE Texas Parties and get more information than you ever wanted; down to the Texas Star plates. In my opinion, Yes, Texas BBQ is the BEST! Speaking of Texas, I will be praying for you Leslie under the GREAT Texas sky this week-end. Yep, Grandma and Grandpa are going to see OUR GIRLS...Leslie, when I return, we still need to celebrate and we will. I BELIEVE! Smiling at Y'all, Terrie O.
April 28, 2010 03:09:00
Brenda Grose said...
Praying like a crazy maniac these days!!! Praying for a clear scan for you and strength for Dad... Loving the pictures... Hugs, Brenda
April 28, 2010 01:21:09
"Angel" Linda said...
Good Morning! I know all will be well with your scan results tomorrow. I'll be in Erie most of the day but will catch the update on here in the evening. I'm standing in faith that it will only be good news :) The pictures are great...can't wait to see what comes of the professional ones. They are always good (especially with a good photographer!) We found out yesterday that our year-end evaluator won't be able to do our evaluations this year!!! She didn't feel she'd be up to it, she just had back surgery and got home yesterday. She'll have a summer full of physical therapy sessions. My sister had back surgery 8 years ago, so I know what she's in for! Now we're scrambling to find a new one!!! YIKES! Please keep this in your prayers...I really don't want to have to use the principal of the elementary school pray that we're able to find a good, Christian evaluator that we'll both feel comfortable with. The first dog that we had was a white poodle and we (my sister & I) named him Snoopy. The sun's out here today. Yippee! It's still real cool, but at least it's not rainy & cold like it's been for the past couple days. Have a great rest of the day checking in with you later tomorrow for good news :) Love & Hugs! "Angel" Linda
April 28, 2010 08:26:12
Randi said...
Great pics! I'm sure that Tyler's "professionsal pics" will be wonderful, but all of the pictures that you take are phenomenal!! Good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking about you and sending good juju your way. :) The first cat I had was a Siamese named "Princess" (I was 3!). The first dogs we had were lab mixes named Shasta and Shiloh. They were our protectors. We lived on 5 acres of farm land and those dogs wathced our every move. They killed rats, rattlesnakes, whatever crossed our path. They even alerted my mom when by brother and I were playing and he fell out of the wagon. He split his head open and there was blood everywhere. They took off running back to the house to get my mom. They were amazing dogs. Shasta moved with us here to the valley and lived to be like 14 years old.
April 28, 2010 07:19:03
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