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PRAISE GOD!!!!  WooHoo!!  Great news!  The doctor says everything looks good and looks forward to seeing Leslie next year.  The small spot is still on her lung but has not grown and he says everything else is clear.  Leslie felt God's love around her and Mike today.  We know that is from all of your prayers!  Thank you, thank you, thank you God for your mercy in answering our prayers!  From Sister Monica



Good Tuesday morning! is chilly outside!  Thank you for all of the very encouraging e-mails, texts, comments and phone calls yesterday.  Meant the world to me.  I am constantly encouraged and just when I feel like it is getting to me, God seems to send an angel my way to keep me uplifted.  I was literally floored by God's perfect timing with me during the day yesterday and last night.  So if you were one of the ones that felt lead by God to keep me uplifted I want to thank you for God's prompting you to be there for me.  What an awesome God we have.  I know so many of you prayed and what a treasure that is and I know that is what kept me encouraged too. Praise our Lord for answered prayer!

Well this afternoon Mike and I take off to see my oncologist, Dr. McClay.  Thank you all so very much for your prayers for me.  I will try to get my sister Monica to leave an update for you here as soon as I am done with my appointment.  It isn't until 4:00 pacific time. 

Oh by the my sister Monica and the rest of my was me, not Ryan who threw the dinner roll at the table during Thanksgiving dinner.  hahaha!  I didn't mean to hit you Monica.  I was aiming for Donald.  Way to take one for the team Ryan! my son-in-law!  :)

Remember this is the last day to write something down that you are thankful for.  (unless you want to keep on going)  I look back at all the things I am thankful for and I know that I am truly blessed.  Please put your list somewhere that you can look at it often and be reminded of how good God is. 

Here is one of my favorite pictures at Thanksgiving......Tyler giving Nani a kiss.

Tyler 45
Tyler turned 13 months old on Sunday.  He isn't walking yet but I know it will be soon.  He has taken a couple of steps.

Prayer requests:  For my friend Jessica Salgado and the whole Silva Family for peace and comfort over the loss of Jessica's Aunt.   Also for some married couples who are working on getting their marriages back on track.  They have asked for prayer to help them get through some of the past issues they have had to deal with.  That God will give them the strength to forgive and trust again to move forward.

1 Chronicles 16 verses 10 & 11:  Glory in his holy name; Let all rejoice who seek the Lord.  Seek the Lord; yes, seek his strength and seek his face untiringly.

Have a terrific day everyone.  Today is another gift from God and He is so Good!

Question:  Do you put up Christmas lights outside your house?  What color?

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"Angel" Linda said...
Okay so I'm chimming in late on this great news...but I was HAPPY DANCING last night while I was on the phone getting the GOOD NEWS first hand from Leslie! Thanks girlie for calling me with the news! I haven't stopped praising & thanking God...never will! I get such a "kick" out of reading some of the others' posts...they're a real "hoot". I'm getting a much 'clearer' picture of your Thanksgiving gathering...WOW! A riot of a time, I'm sure! And Mike...YES peas are GREAT projectiles...from spoons OR from being flicked from between the thumb and fore-finger :D I won't tell you how I know this...just take my word for it ;) Oh yeah, just a word of caution: If you use dried peas (you know, in a bag, used for split pea soup...) make sure you DON'T suck in a big lungful of air w/the pea-filled straw in your mouth before you BLOW!!! My cousin nearly choked to death...but he did get a direct hit!! That's a looooong funny story & does it take me back. Yes, yes...there were times that the devil horns had to hold up this angel's halo!!! Little Brother Donald...this one's for you! My sister (who's still on crutches since her latest ankle surgery) handed me a slice of pumpkin bread that she assumed I'd butter for her while she was getting seated at the table...well, yeah, I buttered it THEN I TOOK A HUGE BITE!!! I know, I'm terrible taking advantage of someone on crutches...told you from time to time the devil horns hold up the halo! HAHAHAHA! Leslie, thanks for sharing your wonderful friends, family & memories here. Just love ALL OF YOU! Heading to Erie to do some much needed Christmas shopping at least I checked in, in case I don't get back too early to see Wednesday's post! I think it's another great day to HAPPY DANCE!!! "Angel" Linda
December 1, 2010 05:46:05
Edith said...
Mike, your grandfather Gilbert hated squash, but your grandma insisted that he set a good example for us kids. But he made awful faces and murmured under his breath about it being the "lowest form of vegetable matter" when she wasn't looking - we laughed and laughed. You came by your mischievousness honestly! Evelyn and I hated squash, too, but we soon associated squash with Dad's jokes about it, and have learned to love it. We're not gonna even mention what you and your brothers did with oatmeal!! :) Happy dancing at our house tonight! Wonderful news!! Lights....wellll! We have put some lights up outside in the past, but that involves a ladder aaaand...I don't do ladders anymore, sooo.... But I'm thinking about putting lights on our little cracker box trailer we pulled behind our Tundra. Wouldn't that be fun? Now I just have to figure a way to affix them without permanently altering the trailer! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
November 30, 2010 09:41:44
Terrie O. said...
YEEHAW! Praise God from Whom ALL blessings floooooooooooooooow! I will return to Walmart and happy dance in the aisles-anybody want to join me? I love you Leslie and I BELIEVE! Smiling, Terrie O.
November 30, 2010 08:47:18
Evelyn said...
Praise the Lord for Leslie's continued healing! *** As for the Thanksgiving feast you had, I guess there's just no hope for civilized manners in the Gilbert families (snicker, snicker), passed on from the old fogey (great great) Gilberts to the young (grand) Gilberts to the aunt and uncle, mama and papa Gilberts and pretty soon baby Tyler will be joining in the fun mayhem (and don't you dare spank him for doing what you're doing, neither!). (Ha, ha!) Love, Ev
November 30, 2010 08:29:35
Leann said...
I told you today was going to be a good day. What great news!
November 30, 2010 07:56:33
mgilbert said...
All of us are doing the happy dance here. I thought it was only the Gilbert boys who played games at the dinner table. So do you ever serve peas? I hear they make really good projectiles when launched off a spoon.
November 30, 2010 07:55:42
Christie said...
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!
November 30, 2010 07:08:11
randi ryan said...
YES! YES! YES! :) :) :) And that's all I've got to say about that! Love you Les!!!
November 30, 2010 06:33:59
Victor and Caroline said...
Dear Leslie, we thank God for his wonderful blessing and the miracle of your continued healing! We love YOU! Have a safe trip home! Love, the Jaime Family
November 30, 2010 06:26:38
Donald The Little Brother said...
That's okay, I'll still blame Ryan, and yes, if you missed it, there was the traditional stealing of my dinner roll by Jenna. It was buttered and I was ready to eat it. Oh well.
November 30, 2010 05:59:05
Evelyn said...
Oh, I goofed! 6 pm my time is 4 pm your time. (I knew that. I was just mixing it up.) So now there's still 30 more minutes until your apt. for me to pray. So I'm going to gather my menfolk for a prayer. Still prayin' in AL. Love, Ev
November 30, 2010 03:32:15
Evelyn said...
Well, I know you're not going to get my blog til after you get back. According to my clock, it is 2 minutes til your apt. (2:00 pm CST) So I'm saying a prayer right now. My prayer: "Dear Heavenly Father, Please lift Leslie and Mike up during this apt. and let them feel your unfailing love surrounding them. Give them good, encouraging news and let them leave with hearts filled with hope, whatever the news is, because You are all powerful and no test results are a hindrance to You. Dear God, you know we have all been praying that the tests will show nothing, but now it is time for the results, and we can only pray that whatever the results are, You will continue to uplift Leslie and Mike and continue to keep Leslie healthy and strong and use this beautiful couple for Your glory, as you've been doing. In Jesus precious name, Amen." *** I just love the pic of you and Tyler, Nani! But I think it looks like he is sharing a SECRET with his Nani. Yeah, he's whispering in your EAR how much he LOVES you, that's what he's doing.*** Now, all those questions about decorating - you're wanting us slow pokes to hurry up and decorate, right? Well, tomorrow is the 1st of December (Christmas month) so maybe tomorrow we'll think about getting some out. Don't want to do it today. (It's raining kittens and poodles here today.) Yes, we usually put a few lights outside the house. Maybe we'll start with those. Our lights are the miniature white ones. We have a bush beside the front door and railings around the porch, so maybe on the bush and around the porch some way? We'll figure something out. One of our neighbors already has lights out and they have a beautiful nativity scene I just love going by, especially at night when it's lighted. And another neighbor has their tree up, but we probably won't get ours up just yet. Another week or so. Love, Ev
November 30, 2010 12:34:14
Terrie O. said...
Howdy and Happy Tuesday! So flippin' excited to see HOPE back on the blog. Amy Bo.-too cool; I love it! Love your roll spirit Leslie; laughing here due to the mental picture I have. Unceasing prayers are being lifted as I work this morning. I love you Leslie and I BELIEVE! Looking forward to happy dancing this evening. Speaking of dancing you will love this story-Henryk and I went to WalMart this week-end and we were in the Christmas treasures next to their outdoor treasures and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" came on over the loud speaker and YEP, I made him dance with me in the aisle soooooooo if any of you bloggers out there saw a man and a woman dancing in the aisle at WalMart it was US! Yeehaw! Annnnnd yes he was embarrassed and chuckling! By the way, Angel Linda, we Texans KNOW ALL ABOUT the first day of DEER SEASON! Have fun... Smiling at you and hugging you, Terrie O.
November 30, 2010 11:31:21
Amy Bo. said...
<3 H <3 O <3 P <3 E
November 30, 2010 09:17:53
"Angel" Linda said...
Good Morning Leslie! I spent a lot of time at the feet of Jesus yesterday & at bedtime praying for you...I awoke this morning w/the vision of Jesus holding both of us in His arms & had such peace. That didn't stop me from praying & praising more this morning...I'll continue to pray for "this" situation until I hear the results. I never stop praying for you or giving God praise for putting you in my life. Even when things are good for you, I still pray; even when I don't know how or what to pray...God knows and He rejoices in the praise & thanks. God is so good. He's moving in so many situations & lives. I'm seeing that so much. I could go on & on about all of it. I LOVE YOU GIRL! You're special to me. I laughed reading your 'confession'...throwing rolls??? Oh my, that must have been some fun time around the table! The pic of you & Tyler is PRICELESS! Just love it! QOTD - Yes we do put up lights outside the house (haven't gotten to it yet!), they are multi-colored, steady burning & we cover the larges bushes at each side of the front porch. We also have one of those 'twisty' lighted trees in white lights that we put out too. We used to have the lighted reindeer, but several lights broke from the ice & snow one year and others just burned out...was so hard to try to find & replace the burned out we had sections that wouldn't light, so we don't put them out anymore. It's time to get going - got to get our homeschool lessons done & some laundry before Sami's dance class tonight. Oh, yeah, we had a local holiday here yesterday - the schools (including our homeschooling) had a day off. Wanna hear what the holiday was??? Are you sure??? It'll show you how 'hick' we really are here :) OPENING DAY OF DEER SEASON!!! Yes, seriously, it's an "official" day off from schools around here! Is that too funny or what??? Well, you take travels to Dr. McClay's & back...please let me know how it goes. I love you & Mike dearly! Hang on to HOPE. My heart & prayers go before you & are with you! "Angel" Linda
November 30, 2010 08:38:20
Krissy said...
Leslie, being praying my little heart out for you the last few days! I'll keep on doing it today as well not just for good results but for safe travel for you and Mike. As for today's question, yes we put up lights outside and they are the multi colored twinkling kind :) Have a super day! love ya!!!
November 30, 2010 08:15:34
Monica the sister said...
I knew it was you...I saw the cheesy guilty look on your face. I just like to tease Ryan. It is such fun
November 30, 2010 07:31:04
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