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NOTICE - the article in today's IV Press says the services will be Thursday.  That is incorrect, services are still scheduled for Saturday.  For those of you out of town, here is a link to the online article (the online article has the correct day listed)


Thank you so much for all the beautiful comments and rememberances of Leslie.  Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement.  We are doing OK under the circumstances, we are leaning heavily on each other and are so well supported by others.  I sat down yesterday to write an obituary and eulogy for Leslie, the words flowed so freely but it was very emotional for me.  I hope I never have to do anything that hard again in my life.  I will post the obituary here in a few days and I will post my eulogy and any others after the service.

For those of you who have been reading the Bible in a year and are a bit lost, here is a link to the schedule Leslie was using.

Please catch up if you have fallen behind - not so much for Leslie, but for yourself.

I got to spend the evening with Tyler last night, so bittersweet.

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Leslie Thumbs Up


A memorial service will be held for Leslie on Saturday August 27, 10am at Faith Assembly in Imperial.  Lunch will follow at the Fairgrounds - Casa de Manana building.  Main course will be provided, we will have pot-luck for the rest if you want to bring a salad, side-dish, or dessert.  If you have any pot-luck related questions, you can contact Jessica at First Christian Church 760-352-8300.  We anticipate having the Casa de Manana building open prior to the service so you don't have to leave that lime green Jello, carrot, and pineapple salad in the 160 degree car (that is NOT a request for lime green Jello salad).  There will be no graveside service Saturday, it was Leslie's wish to be cremated.  Leslie loved flowers, especially carnations.  If it will make you feel good to send flowers to the service please feel free to do so.  If you like something more permanent, you may made a donation in Leslie's name to the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert  CRCotD uses money raised locally to pay benefits to local cancer victims with their treatment.  They were very helpful when we needed them.

Your comments have been such a treasure for me, all those sweet memories of Leslie, all the ways she has touched your lives.  Thank you for all who have called, stopped by to visit, brought food, offered to help in any way possible.  I am humbled by the show of great generosity by so many people, some who I don't even know that well.  Thank you to all who participated in the Craft Extravaganza, I'm sure you can imaging how helpful that is now.

Jenna and Jeff have been my anchor, they have kept me from going adrift.  God was very good to us as we ran errands and made arrangements yesterday, everything just fell into place.  We are holding up fair under the circumstances.  I know there is no sorrow in heaven, but I don't want Leslie to see me despondent - so I am trying to keep a positive attitude and even a smile at times.  I have had lots of anxiety over the past few years, it seems strange to say but it has all melted away now that I know Leslie is in the best hands of all.  I miss Leslie terribly and expect I will for a long, long time.  People talk about their spouse being their "better half", Leslie was my better 90%, she will be hard to get over.  Please continue to pray for me and our family, pray for each other and uplift each other.  Leslie's passing has left a large dark spot on this world that needs to be re-lit with the kindness of others.

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You are the one thousand of Leslie's closest friends.  I just wanted you to know what happened.

When Leslie went into the hospital on Saturday, I had no doubt that we would have her treated for a few days and then go home.  After the fluids and steroids kicked in Saturday evening, she had perked up.  We had a nice conversation - it was our last one.  She seemed to get a little worse each day, but I was still optimistic and tried to let that optimism show through on the blog.    By Wednesday, she was answering only yes and no questions and didn't look so good.

Yesterday morning at 5:00, Leslie had a seizure.  They did a CT which showed more tumor growth and swelling.  Dr Calvin (the local neurosurgeon) called Dr Ott (the San Diego neurosurgeon), Dr Ott called me.  Dr Ott said that the tumors were growing too fast and they were not able to control the pressure in Leslie's brain.  Best case scenerio was to transfer her to San Diego where they would do surgery on those tumors and possibly extend her life for a week or 2 with no improvent in the quality of her life - and probably a big decrease in her quality of life.  That really wasn't an option.  We chose to keep her comfortable and allow her to go home to God.  The doctors expected that would take a couple of days, but Leslie had an appointment with God and wasn't to be delayed.  She slipped away calmly, peacefully, painlessly, and surrounded by her family.  She will be grievously missed here on Earth and joyously celebrated in Heaven.

I want you to know that Leslie took this Blog very seriously.  She would spend an hour or two every afternoon writing the Blog for the next day.  She considered it her ministry and she loved every minute of it.  Your comments always meant so much to her, she loved that you committed to read the Bible in a year - many of you whom never had read any of the Bible before.  She loved when you sent cards of encouragement to others, and she appreciated all the cards you sent her.  She loved that you sent her your prayer requests and that you prayed for the requests she posted.  And she prayed for you like crazy.  Leslie kept a small notebook full of categorized prayer requests that she went through every day.

After a quarter of a million hits in 3 1/2 years, the silence of this Blog will be deafening. - Mike


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Leslie is finally free of cancer and resting comfortably in the arms of Jesus.  I know this will be a shock to many of you, the past 12 hours have developed very quickly.  I will give more details later but Leslie passed away about 4pm, very peacefully, very quickly, and surrounded by her family.  Please do not mourn for Leslie - I have absolutely no doubt that she is in a far better place.  Instead, comfort each other - the world lost a lot of love this afternoon and we will all have to work hard to replace that love.  God is good.

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UPDATE 7:30pm  - Today has not been one of my favorite days, doesn't even rank in the top 19,000.  BUT there has been a glimmer of hope in all of this; Leslie's body just does not tolerate pain medications - she recovered from brain surgery on Tylenol.  They stopped the pain patch Leslie was on because one of the side effects is sleepiness and that's something we are trying to fight.  She isn't able to verbilize pain very well right now but it seems she has been having a headache.  They gave her a very small dose of Fentanyl and she slept like a baby for about 2 hours and did not seem to have any nausea or other side effects from it - it would be great to have a pain medication she could tolerate!!!  That small dose held her for almost 3 hours and she is allowed to have it every hour if needed.  Of course, that was just the first dose, hopefully she will continue to tolerate it well.

Dr McClay (oncologist) called me today and asked how Leslie was doing.  When she gets out of here and gets better, Yervoy may not be the best choice because she will probably continue to need some steroids.  But a new medicine was just approved (like maybe today) that she may be a candidate for - another glimmer of hope.

PS - There have been some comments about my superhuman strength, remember that I am just doing what any one of you would do in the same situation.  My strength is far from superhuman, in fact it's pretty frail a lot lately.  But Leslie has been a good PR agent for me all these years - convincing you that I am much stronger, much more romantic, and much more handsome than I really am :)


My big hopes of her perking up today have not materialized :(  She is getting plenty of fluids, nurishment, and steroids but so far no big response.  She is a little more awake today, more restless - but less vocal and less focused.  The doctors are still hopefull that the steroids will help reduce the swelling and she will wake up soon.  We have done our part, now it seems it's in God's hands. 



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